Discuter de Waxwork II : Perdu dans le temps

I'm a big fan of the first Waxwork, but the sequel, not so much. Not at all, in fact. Wretched on so many levels. Anyway, I recently bought the limited Collector's Edition of both flicks on blu-ray. The breezy commentary provides a nice diversion from the train wreck occurring on screen. Zack Galligan especially is very amiable and self-deprecating, and even the director, Anthony Hickox, admits that rip-off Alien segment looked cheesy. That being said, the commentary can't distract enough for the viewer to forget that "George" is a poor attempt to revisit Sade/Sarah from the first movie. In fact, when George has Sarah pinned down and kisses her (and bites her lip) in an extreme close-up, it screams forced, rehearsed, and obvious. It has none of the dark sensuality from the first movie (trivia: the Sade/Sarah kiss was improvised during the take).


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