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was he a threat or no? I couldn't interpret what was his objective or if he was only lonely? Why was he following Chihiro?

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For me no face was one of the most interesting characters i have watched in a movie. I think he was lonely, yes, but the whole point of his character was that he was lost, without purpose. He was like a child, lacking a well defined personality, trying to be accepted and loved based on his perception of what others wanted. He was trying to buy affection, so to speak. I think he was a lot like me when i was younger...misguided. Maybe thats why i liked his character so much. I think he may be a metaphor for growing up and realizing what matters most in life. Or maybe i am wrong...

Yes he was just lonely who got attention from Chihiro so he became obsessed with her. Since he was a nobody, he tried to copy those in the bathhouse, hoping Chihiro would like it. I kinda saw it that he was easily corrupted by greed like a sponge absorbing, as he was literally empty. Good thing he was saved – kudos to him for giving the herbal thing, love that scene.

I remember reading a deep analysis on him before, like representation for something in our culture - can't remember where.