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Ministério do Tempo 7.5

2017 Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A warrior from the XVI century, the first female university student from the XIX century and a nurse from the XXI century, join a secret agency to prevent people to change the Portuguese history by using time-traveling…

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Ouro Verde 5.7

2017 Drama, Soap

Zé Maria Magalhães is an innocent young man who, suddenly, sees his dreams and family destroyed by a man's greed: Miguel Ferreira da Fonseca, a powerful banker. For 15 years, Zé Maria is forced to remain hidden…

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Vidago Palace 0.0

2017 Drama

Vidago Palace has the background of the year 1936 and tells us a love story between two young people from different classes, ready to face all obstacles.

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Novo Mundo 9.0

2017 Soap

Anna Millman is a portuguese teacher, she falls for Joaquim Martinho, an actor. Both meet in Europe and travel to Brazil together with the future princess of Brazil, Leopoldina from Austria. The romance between…

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Conta-me Como Foi 8.0

2007 Family, Drama

"Conta-me Como Foi" is a fiction TV Show adapted from the spanish “Cuentame como pasó” TV Series.

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