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Lemonade + Ducktape Stuffs

December 15, 2015

Lemonade and Ducktape Stuffs is a film about quitting. Giving up on the everyday routine and having fun. It was time to say farewell to appeasing the masses and check out. It's not easy. Actually it's really hard. Thats what makes it right. This how we want to be remembered.

Any Snow, Any Mountain

January 1, 1971

The legendary director/producer Warren Miller hits the slopes of Squaw, Whistler, and Japan with skiers like Jim McConkey, Roger Staub, Pepi Stiegler in one of his earliest surviving ski movies.

American ski film pioneer Dick Barrymore pursues the white stuff in the mountains of Colorado, France, and Lebanon. Goofy events, nail-biting bloopers, and gorgeous powder skiing ensue. Starring Jean-Claude Killy, Beth Annabe, John Burnett, and Bob Burns.