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My Name Is Earl 7.1

2005 Comedy

When petty criminal Earl Hickey wins the lottery, he sets off on a quest to repair his questionable karma.

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Kevin (Probably) Saves the World 7.6

2017 Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comedy, Drama

One day while returning home to stay with his widowed twin sister and her daughter, Kevin Finn, a self-centered man whose life brings him more trouble than he bargained for, is recruited by a celestial being named…

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Highway to Heaven 6.2

1984 Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama, Family

Highway to Heaven is an American television drama series which ran on NBC from 1984 to 1989. The series aired for five seasons, running a total of 111 episodes. It was shot entirely in California.

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Touched by an Angel 5.1

1994 Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama, Family

Touched by an Angel is an American drama series that premiered on CBS on September 21, 1994 and ran for 211 episodes and nine seasons until its conclusion on April 27, 2003. Created by John Masius and produced by…

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Joan of Arcadia 6.4

2003 Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Mystery, Drama

Joan of Arcadia is an American television fantasy/family drama telling the story of teenager Joan Girardi, who sees and speaks with God and performs tasks she is given. The series originally aired on Fridays, 8…

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Shark 6.8

2006 Drama, Mystery

Shark is an American legal drama created by Ian Biederman that originally aired on CBS from September 21, 2006 to May 20, 2008. The series stars James Woods.

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered 7.4

2014 Comedy, Drama

A group of postal detectives work to solve the mysteries behind undeliverable letters and packages from the past, delivering them when they are needed most.

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Journeyman 7.9

2007 Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

This mystery-drama revolves around a newspaper reporter named Dan Vasser who suddenly begins to travel through time to change the lives of those around him. When his travels reunite him with his long-lost fianc…

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Eli Stone 6.4

2008 Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama

Eli Stone is an American legal comedy-drama TV series, named for its title character. The series follows Stone, a San Francisco lawyer who begins to have hallucinations, which leads him to two possible conclusions…

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Wonderfalls 7.9

2004 Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Wonderfalls is a comedy-drama television series that was broadcast on the Fox television network in 2004. The show centers on Jaye Tyler, a recent Brown University graduate with a philosophy degree, who holds a…

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Promised Land 0.0

1996 Drama

Promised Land is an American drama series which aired on CBS from 1996 to 1999. It is a spin-off from another series, Touched by an Angel.

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Run for Your Life 9.0

1965 Drama

Run for Your Life is an American television drama series starring Ben Gazzara as a man with only a short time to live. It ran on NBC from 1965 to 1968. The series was created by Roy Huggins, who had previously explored…

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God, the Devil and Bob 8.0

2000 Comedy, Animation

God, the Devil and Bob is an animated sitcom which premiered on NBC on March 9, 2000 and ended on March 28, 2000, leaving nine episodes unaired. It was created by Matthew Carlson. It is currently broadcast on the…

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Samantha Who? 6.6

2007 Comedy

Samantha Newly has been a bad, bad girl. But thanks to an 8-day coma, she can't remember a thing. Fortunately her best friend Andrea is by her side with a cocktail and the 4-1-1 on every dirty deed. But the more…

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100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd 0.0

1999 Family

100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd is an American television sitcom created by Steven H. Berman, Mitchel Katlin, and Nat Bernstein for Nickelodeon. The series ran from October 16, 1999 to April 21, 2002, for 3 seasons.

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A Gifted Man 6.1

2011 Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A Gifted Man is an American television series, which premiered on CBS on September 23, 2011. The series is about a talented but self-absorbed surgeon who starts questioning his purpose in life when he is visited…

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Then Came Bronson 0.0

1969 Action & Adventure, Drama

Then Came Bronson is an American adventure/drama television series starring Michael Parks that aired on NBC from 1969 to 1970, and was produced by MGM Television. The series, created by Denne Bart Petitclerc, began…

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The Philanthropist 8.0

2009 Action & Adventure, Drama

The Philanthropist is an American action drama series that premiered on NBC on Wednesday, June 24, 2009. The program was a limited summer series, principally filmed in South Africa. It opened to strong ratings,…

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Nightmare Cafe 4.5

1992 Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Nightmare Cafe is a short-lived American telefantasy program which aired on NBC for an abridged first season from January to April 1992. While the overall tone of the program was that of a mystical fantasy, it frequently…

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The Visitor 10.0

1997 Drama

The Visitor is a science fiction television series created by Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin which aired on Fox from 1997–1998. It starred John Corbett as Adam McArthur who was abducted by extraterrestrials 50…

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