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Day of the Dead 6.5

1985 Horror, Science Fiction

The final chapter of George A. Romero's "Dead Trilogy". In an underground government installation they are searching for a cure to overcome this strange transformation into zombies. Unfortunately, the zombies from…

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The Most Dangerous Woman Alive 0.0

1989 Action, Drama

A group of men are told that they have won an "erotic vacation" at a fantasy island. In reality, they are being lured to the island by women they have wronged, and once there they are captured and set loose on the…

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Omega Doom 4.0

1996 Science Fiction

After earth is taken over by an army of robots, the small number of humans left are forced into hiding. In the nuclear winter, only droids walk the face of the earth, in fear of the rumored human resurgence, and…

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Beast of Blood 5.0

1971 Adventure, Horror

A mad scientist creates a monster, but after its head is cut off, he keeps it alive in a serum he has invented.

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Nieng Arp 0.0

2004 Horror

Based on the Southeast Asian mythology of the "Krasue." The "Krasue" is the floating head of a vampiric female ghost which has internal organs that hang from the ghost's neck.

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The Mysterious Knight 7.0

1899 Fantasy

A knight performs several magic tricks with a disembodied head materialized from a chalkboard drawing.

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Superstition 6.3

1982 Horror

A witch put to death in 1692 swears vengeance on her persecutors and returns to the present day to punish their descendants.

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