Editing Movies

There is currently 8 primary editable categories for movies. They are divided as follows.

  • Primary Facts
  • Genres & Keywords
  • Release Information
  • Alternative Titles
  • Production Information
  • Trailers
  • Cast
  • Crew

Without going into every single field, there are some that you might be wondering about.

Original Title vs. Translated Field?

For english movies, original title should be the english title and the translated title for english should be left blank. For foreign movies like Amélie, the original title should be filled out as "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain" while the english translated title is "Amélie".

Movie Type

If you're interested in creating a movie collection, you need to change the "Movie Type" field to "Movie Collection". More about this in the collections section.

Adult Movies

We do allow adult (x-rated) movies on TMDb but please be respectful of our users and be sure to mark it as an adult film. This is very important.

Primary Release Date

Until we have support for multiple release dates per country, our current standard is to try an enforce the first "wide" theatrical release. This means we don't consider releases at say, a film festival as the primary release date. This consideration is unrelated to whatever country the movie was released in. Wherever in the world a particular movie got the first wide release is considered primary.

Release Dates

The primary release date, if set, is used as the year you will see throughout the site when looking at a movie (page titles, movie summary in lists, etc...) If a primary release data isn't set, we look for the U.S. date next. In the even that a U.S. date hasn't been added, we simply default to the first release entry by date.

If you see a '1900' referenced on a movie, that means that no release date has been added. Head in and add one.

Character Names

Character names should always be in English. For animated or other "voice" work, use the notation of "Character Name (voice)".