Editing Collections

Collections are a convenient way of grouping sequels together on TMDb. While sometimes controversial, collections are not intended to be a way of grouping movies of the same "universe", person or theme. For that, we recommend creating a list. Like this. Here's a quick run through of the basic rules.

  1. Sequels are generally the only valid criteria for collections. Please use lists to group films based on any other criteria
  2. Collections are not mirrors of DVD or Blu-ray box sets, use lists to imitate box sets
  3. Films cannot be in more than one collection at a time, and collections cannot be nested

Creating a New Collection

To create a new collection, you have to first create a movie. Once the movie has been created, head into the "Primary Facts" edit area and convert the item to a collection under the "Convert to Collection?" option. Save it and the page should reload as a collection.

Adding a Movie to a Collection

Once a collection exists (see above) you can go into the edit section of the collection and add new parts from within the "Parts" category. Movies can only belong to a single collection.