Joe McDoakes (George O'Hanlon) pleads "not guilty" to a traffic violation but is convicted anyway. Handling this setback in his usual manner, the two-dollar fine quickly pyramids to a 10-year jail sentence.

So You Think You're Allergic

December 1, 1945

Joe McDoakes thinks he's allergic.

Housewife Alice McDoakes wants to return to work to add income to the household. Her husband, Joe McDoakes, would rather she stay at home to tend to her domestic duties. When Alice threatens to return to her old job as bus driver, which would be the worst situation in Joe's mind, a reluctant Joe agrees to her request to get her a job at his office. He makes a deal with his boss, Mr. Batten, to give her the worst jobs in the office so that she'll want to quit and go back to being a housewife. But given tedious job after impossible job, Alice manages to come through with flying colors time after time. Although Mr. Batten agrees with Joe that a woman's place is in the home, can he argue with success? Joe figures he only has one choice in solving the matter to his desired end goal.

So You Want to Be a Bachelor

September 22, 1951

"I never knew what happiness was till I got married—and then it was too late," Joe recalls, flashing back to bachelor days and his courtship with Alice.

It's a dangerous hypnotic suggestion when a psychiatrist tells Joe and Alice to switch points of view during a session.