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Lupine III is the grandson of the famous phantom thief Arséne Lupin. He is an elusive master thief who always steals his target prey. His brain is a genius, and his gun skills are top-notch, but his only flaw is that he has a weakness for cute girls. His companions are Daisuke Jigen, a gunfighter with a rapid fire rate of 0.3 seconds, Goemon Ishikawa, the 13th Samurai of the Showa era, and Fujiko Mine, a mysterious beauty. Together with these guys, who have their own quirks and quirks, they will once again receive a treasure in a spectacular manner, while trumpeting the seventh generation of Inspector Zenigata Heiji and his formidable enemies in the underworld.

  • Number of Movies: 43
  • Revenue: $15,529,250

Featured Cast

  1. Kanichi Kurita

    Kanichi Kurita

    Arsène Lupin III (voice)

  2. Yasuo Yamada

    Yasuo Yamada

    Arsène Lupin III (voice)

  3. Toshio Furukawa

    Toshio Furukawa

    Arsène Lupin III (voice)

  4. Taichiro Hirokawa

    Taichiro Hirokawa

    Arsène Lupin III (Cinemascope) (voice)

  5. Kiyoshi Kobayashi

    Kiyoshi Kobayashi

    Daisuke Jigen (Cinemascope/TV) (voice), Daisuke Jigen (voice)

  6. Banjo Ginga

    Gensai (voice), Daisuke Jigen (voice), Colonel Garlic (voice), General Headhunter (voice), Brad (voice), Additional Voices

  7. Akio Otsuka

    Akio Otsuka

    McCallum (voice), Andy (voice), Chris (voice), Donbino (voice), Daisuke Jigen (voice)

  8. Eiko Masuyama

    Eiko Masuyama

    Fujiko Mine (voice), Fujiko Mine (Cinemascope/TV) (voice)

  9. Miyuki Sawashiro

    Miyuki Sawashiro

    Fujiko Mine (voice)

  10. Mami Koyama

    Mami Koyama

    Fujiko Mine (voice), Cynthia Craymov (voice)

  11. Gorō Naya

    Gorō Naya

    Inspector Koichi Zenigata (voice), Goemon Ishikawa XIII (Cinemascope) (voice)

  12. Makio Inoue

    Makio Inoue

    Goemon Ishikawa XIII (voice)

  13. Daisuke Namikawa

    Daisuke Namikawa

    Goemon Ishikawa XIII (voice)

  14. Kaneto Shiozawa

    Kaneto Shiozawa

    Goemon Ishikawa XIII (voice)

Featured Crew

  1. Kazuhiko Kato

    Kazuhiko Kato

    Directing, Writing

  2. Osamu Dezaki

    Osamu Dezaki


  3. Hayao Miyazaki

    Hayao Miyazaki

    Writing, Directing

  4. Gisaburō Sugii

    Gisaburō Sugii

    Writing, Directing

  5. Shouji Yonemura


  6. Jun Kawagoe

    Jun Kawagoe


  7. Kazuhide Tomonaga


  8. Takashi Yamazaki

    Takashi Yamazaki

    Directing, Writing

  9. Hajime Kamegaki

    Hajime Kamegaki


  10. Hiroyuki Yano

    Hiroyuki Yano


  11. Tetsuro Amino

    Tetsuro Amino


  12. Soji Yoshikawa

    Soji Yoshikawa

    Writing, Directing

  13. Atsushi Yamatoya
  14. Yasuo Otsuka

    Yasuo Otsuka

    Directing, Writing

  15. Masaaki Osumi


  16. Shinzo Fujita


  17. Shigeyuki Miya


  18. Hideki Tonokatsu


  19. Katsuro Hidaka

    Katsuro Hidaka


  20. Hatsuki Tsuji


  21. Haruya Yamazaki


  22. Shigetsugu Yoshida


  23. Toshihiko Masuda


  24. Seijun Suzuki

    Seijun Suzuki


  25. Kenji Kodama

    Kenji Kodama


  26. Mamoru Hamatsu


  27. Toshiya Shinohara


  28. Shunya Ito

    Shunya Ito


  29. Nobuaki Kishima


  30. Yoshio Urasawa

    Yoshio Urasawa


  31. Takeshi Shirato


  32. Masaharu Okuwaki


  33. Osamu Kobayashi


  34. Makoto Naito

    Makoto Naito


  35. Kobun Shizuno

    Kobun Shizuno


  36. Tsutomu Shibayama
  37. Hidehito Ueda


  38. Hideki Mitsui


  39. Nobuo Tomizawa


  40. Setsuo Takase


  41. Shinichi Watanabe

    Shinichi Watanabe


  42. Minoru Ohara


  43. Yuka Yamada


  44. Atsushi Maekawa


  45. Yuichiro Yano


  46. Takehiko Hata


  47. Takaomi Kanasaki


  48. Masayuki Ozeki


  49. Teiichi Takiguchi


  50. Hiroyuki Seshita

    Hiroyuki Seshita


  51. Touko Machida


  52. Shigeru Morita

    Shigeru Morita


  53. Toshiya Itô


  54. Shatner Nishida


  55. Jirô Saitô


  56. Ryou Katsuragi


  57. Shuji Kuzuhara


The first animated adaptation of the popular manga series, this pilot introduces the main characters of "Lupin the Third" with montages, presented through a short frame narrative illustrating a typical gang escape.

Interpol Inspector Zenigata embarks to Egypt in hot pursuit of world's most wanted master thief, Lupin the Third, who is seeking a stone artifact with his partners, Jigen and Goemon. Notorious femme fatale, Fujiko Mine is also after the stone, lured by the promise of eternal youth and beauty by the sinister and enigmatic scientist known as Mamo. It all leads to Mamo's hideaway, where Lupin discovers the madman's dark secret and a fiendish scheme that threatens the entire planet! Now, it's up to Lupin to stop the insane Mamo before he can complete his 10,000 year-old plans of world domination.

After a successful robbery leaves famed thief Lupin the Third and his partner Jigen with nothing but a large amount of expertly crafted counterfeit bills, he decides to track down the forgers responsible—and steal any other treasures he may find in the Castle of Cagliostro, including the 'damsel in distress' he finds imprisoned there.

Master thief Lupin the Third is after the long-lost Gold of Babylon with the aid of his partners, Jigen and Goemon. They trek the globe, unraveling clues and dodging the attentions of both the Mafia and the tenacious Inspector Zenigata. The stakes have never been higher as Zenigata enlists a team of five beautiful and determined policewomen to lure Lupin the Third into handcuffs. But an elderly drunken woman named Rosetta may be the key to solving the location of this fabulous, ancient treasure.

Goemon's wedding to Murasaki Suminawa, daughter of a samurai clan's leader, is interrupted when the Fuma ninjas attack, kidnapping the bride-to-be and demanding her family's ancient treasure as ransom. Lupin, Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko work together once again to try to save Murasaki and get to the treasure before the Fuma can steal it.

Foiled repeatedly by the predictions of Interpol's supercomputer, Lupin has settled down. His partner Jigen asks him to pull one last heist: recover the Super Egg, a massive diamond hidden somewhere inside the Statue of Liberty.

A bloody civil war is the setting for Lupin's latest caper; the leader for one of the factions holds documents written by Earnest Hemingway and contain the location of a remarkable treasure. With Goemon and Jigen fighting on opposite sides of the war, Lupin must tackle this challenge alone. As the war rages on, can Lupin secure the treasure and keep Goemon and Jigen from killing each other?!

The secret of the Lupin family treasure is out: its location is written inside a dictionary once owned by Napoleon Bonaparte himself! When the dictionary turns up as the prize for a historic motor car race, the notorious Lupin the Third and his criminal cadre race the world's superpowers to win - or steal - the Dictionary and unearth his grandfather's legacy of riches!

Notorious thief Lupin the Third aims to steal the lost treasure of the Romanov royal family with his criminal associates along for the ride. The treasure is an immense quantity of gold hidden underground in the vaults of a mysterious Texas bank. But to obtain the gold, Lupin and his friends will have to face down both the Mafia and Rasputon, the telepathic descendant of the mad monk Rasputin. Lupin again eludes inspector Zenigata with the help of a mysterious blonde named Judy Scott, as Rasputon manipulates the world's leaders to put every obstacle in Lupin's path.

The Lupin gang is once again dragged onto a wild treasure hunt! This time, the objective is a mysterious, small dragon statue that even Goemon's steel-rendering blade Zantetsuken cannot cut. The artifact, which once eluded even Lupin the Third's esteemed grandfather, rests deep undersea inside the infamous Titanic, and is the key to unlocking the mystery of Zantetsuken's almighty strength. A wealthy gangster, Lupin, and Goemon all want the statue for themselves!

A double dose of fun and excitement unfolds as Lupin III, the world's most loveable thief, does his best to stay one step ahead of the law, as he presents his two most spectacular capers! Hayao Miyazaki directed both episodes under the pseudonym Teruki Tsutomu.

A simple diamond heist leads Lupin into the machinations of a bizarre cult based around the prophecies of Nostradamus. They kidnap Julia, the daughter of Douglas, a wealthy American who is seeking the presidency, along with Lupin's diamond. At stake is the lost book of prophecy Douglas holds in the vault at the top of his skyscraper.

The infamous bandit Harimao hid a treasure, and to retrieve it, Lupin and the gang must gather three lost statues. When the Nazi-like group Neo-Himmel make a run for the goods, Lupin reluctantly partners with the aging "double-O" MI-6 agent Sir Archer and his granddaughter Diana to gather the statues first. Can this unorthodox team bond well enough to see this mission through?

When Lupin heads to the kingdom of Zufu to pilfer its treasure, he incurs the wrath of its psychotic ruler General Headhunter, who places a dead-or-alive bounty on his head.

As Lupin's mentor Don Dolune lies on his deathbed, he hands the master thief a gift, the diamond named Twilight. Though it's only half the treasure — the other half of the Twilight can be found in Morocco. Lupin must contend with his on-again-off-again-partner Fujiko, his feelings for the mysterious Lara, and the relentless whip-wielding maniac Sadachiyo in order to bring Twilight back to its full glory.

Lupin is framed for the murder of Inspector Zenigata by a mysterious assailant holding a silver-coloured Walther P38 pistol Lupin himself once owned. Tracking the true killer leads Lupin to the island of the bloodthirsty Tarantula assassins inside the Devil’s Triangle. After joining the spider-tattooed army against their will, Lupin and his gang make both new friends and enemies as they not only plan to take home the Tarantulas’ massive gold repository for themselves, but hunt down the shooter from Lupin’s past. Can Lupin put to rest this demon who haunts his memories with the Walther P38?

Lupin's plans to intercept two old glass photographic plates from being delivered to a mysterious art dealer named Mr. Suzuki misfires, and it doesn't help matters that Goemon and Jigen are suffering from... efficiency problems. Meanwhile, Inspector Zenigata has a new tag-along in the Lupin chase: the beautiful young reporter Maria. But what is Maria's connection to the mysterious Mr. Suzuki?

After Inspector Zenigata is reassigned from the Lupin case and grows despondent, master thief Lupin the Third decides to help him get his old job back, teaming up with the old man to destroy the international weapon smugglers Shot Shell. Together with Lupin's long-time partners in crime, they steal a nuclear Russian submarine and enlist the help of a nuclear physicist named Karen, who keeps suspiciously eyeing Lupin's partner Jigen. If that weren't enough, Zenigata's Interpol successor is an assassin who aims to pick off the Lupin gang one by one.

When Fujiko secures a file that documents the location of the fabled Columbus Egg – a mystical relic that controls the weather – she quickly recruits Lupin and the gang to track down the long-lost treasure. Unfortunately, her memory of Lupin and his friends are wiped out almost entirely. Can the gang restore Fujiko’s memory before the Egg falls into the hands of a madman?

Master thief Lupin the Third and his friends have to compete with a greedy banker and her minions to help solve a mystery leading to a treasure that is said to hold history's most powerful rulers.

Secretly operating his cruiser as a casino at sea isn’t enough for mafia don Lukino Marcano. He’s also looking for the gold-laden boat wreckage worth the budget of a small country! Lupin sniffs out the plan to recover this long-lost treasure and brings along his partners Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko for the ride to crash Lukino’s party.

Lupin steals an extraordinary gem from a Mediterranean party, only to be interrupted by Pycal, the trickster "magician" who had apparently died fighting Lupin early in his career. Pycal, now armed with real magical abilities, is determined to take revenge.

The stickup that started it all! Lupin III and Fujiko are both after an ancient artifact Jigen is supposed to protect, while Goemon happens to be searching for his clan’s lost treasure nearby. Of course, Inspector Zenigata isn’t far behind. This is the story of our heroes’ very first meeting!

After robbing a Moscow casino right under Zenigata's nose, Lupin is given a job to return 6 treasures to their original areas for an old friend of his, so Lupin can receive an even better treasure to gain.

Fujiko and Lupin are kidnapped by Malkovich, a notorious criminal escaped from Alcatraz who forces Lupin to steal the "Bull's Eye," a precious stone.

Stolen from the famous "secret" Air Force base, Area 51, Lupin's most recently stolen treasure holds a secret. Four "Bloody Angels," the toughest women Lupin has ever faced, want the treasure for their own terrorist purposes. Meanwhile Zenigata teams up with a female police officer to hunt Lupin and the terrorists down.

After a successful heist at the race track, talented thief Lupin has his sights set on a valuable diamond set to be displayed in seven days. His plan is complicated when he saves a young girl named Michelle from a group of thugs. Michelle's father is very rich and connected to the diamond; her father also enlists an old mercenary friend of Jigen to persuade Jigen to work for him. Goemon has also been hired by Fujiko to assist her in her own plans for the diamond. With no one to turn to and double-crosses galore, can Lupin pull things together in a week?

Following a lead from Fujiko, Lupin and Jigen excavate the sea floor in Kiritappu to search for a lost underwater treasure that supposedly holds the secrets of time travel. After the Lupin gang escapes a run-in with the law, a strange man calling himself Kyousuke Mamoh strands the Lupin gang hundreds of years in the past.

When a Lupin impersonator is arrested for shoplifting in Tokyo, dozens of other copycats converge on the city to clear the name of Arsene Lupin III. The real Lupin is in town too, both to watch the show and to steal a mysterious item called the Ice Cube. But one of those impostors also has sights on the Cube. Is he good enough to beat the original at his own game?

Gifted thief Lupin the Third scores a "magic lamp" and finds it contains a genie. However, after the clock strikes 7 p.m., he can't seem to remember anything… Finding himself in Singapore, Lupin must battle his way past the forces of Colonel Garlic and discover the secret behind the lamp – but every night at 7 p.m., his memory is wiped clean! How can Lupin piece together this puzzle when he can't even remember what he's doing?

Lupin begins his heist by stealing a newly-discovered Japanese cultural treasure being transported to Germany. During his attempt to steal the treasure, however, he witnesses the always-ambitious Zenigata's supposed "death," a plan hatched by a ninja clan who are also after the treasure. Can Lupin and his friends prevent the ninja clan from obtaining what they seek?

A gemstone named the Mermaid's Scale appears in a secret, underground auction, and Lupin is coerced by the queen of the underworld into stealing the rock for her. Lupin however quickly discovers not only that the stone is a forgery, but that the real Mermaid's Scale is part of an unsolved riddle involving the mysterious girl Misa that leads to transcending mortality.

Lupin has invited all of his friends to a villa on a private island. It's the first time they've seen each other for the past five years. Lupin is planning a big surprise while they are all at the villa except Fujiko, Goemon and Jigen find Lupin's behavior to be unusual. They are also curious about who the man in the iron mask is, who is chained up to a wall for the reasons they are about to find out.

Researchers unearth a long-lost page of "The Travels of Marco Polo" and discover it's a clue to a lost treasure! Lupin appears to swipe the tablet, but he leaves empty-handed... and as a murder suspect! He shrugs off being framed for the death of an archaeology professor just enough to go treasure-hunting. Tailed by both a weapons dealer and ICPO Inspector Zenigata, Lupin must rely on his gunslinging partner Jigen and the professor's granddaughter Lisa to stay two steps ahead. Meanwhile, the swordsman Goemon rethinks his devotion to the blade and finds romance deep in the mountains. Two tales collide in a worldwide adventure packed with history and laughs!

After a chaotic heist, Lupin and Jigen find themselves becoming caretakers of a baby boy, while a young sky pirate called Yutika is after their loot. Yutika is an inhabitant of the city-state of Shahalta, which has recently fallen to a shady minister. Soon, Lupin's gang and Yutika join forces to uncover one of Shahalta's greatest treasures, facing off against both Shahaltan authorities and Zenigata.

Lupin meets Rebecca on an island to sign divorce papers, but they are interrupted by an attacking horde of zombies. TV news warns that zombie infections are spreading throughout Italy. Lupin inevitably escape from zombies however a voice shouted "cut!" echoed out of nowhere... In reality, Rebecca was pursuing to shoot a zombie movie and tricked Lupin. Embarrassed that he will fail, Lupin tries to steal the filmed film...!?

Set before the meeting of Lupin and Rebecca. Rebecca and Robson are being held hostage on a bomb-rigged train by crazy fans. Lupin goes to rescue them because Rebecca holds a hint of the treasure he is trying to steal. On the way, Zenigata tries to block Lupin's path and by accident they become handcuffed together! Will Lupin be able to rescue Rebecca safely?

Lupin investigates the kidnapping of a former love in Italy, and is drawn into a game with an unknown enemy.

When a long-dead foe sends Lupin III on a road trip through time, he’ll have to be careful to keep the past intact to protect his future… if he can make it back there at all!

A warrant’s been issued for an arrest but this time, it’s not for Lupin. Authorities are after Inspector Zenigata as they suspect Pops has been in cahoots with the master thief all along. In an effort to vouch for Zenigata’s innocence, Lupin is challenged to steal the curious Time Crystal. As Lupin and his gang go after the famed diamond he’s confronted with the unexpected betrayal of his most trusted partner.

To rescue a famous criminal from imprisonment, Lupin and his team infiltrate the Kingdom of Dorrente. While the skillful thieves from around the world are gathering, Lupin tries to reveal the secret hidden in the kingdom.

The iconic "gentleman thief" Lupin III returns in an action-packed, continent-spanning adventure, as Lupin III and his colorful underworld companions race to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Bresson Diary, before it falls into the hands of a dark cabal that will stop at nothing to resurrect the Third Reich.

Lupin III competes with the Kisugi sisters to steal a triptych of paintings that once belonged to their father, and which hold the key to a long-unsolved mystery.

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