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Four episodes in, Star Trek: Picard is finally finding its footing, now that Picard is free of Earth and finally has some gravity plating back under his feet. After a slow start in the first three episodes, the captain is on his ship, he assembled most of a crew, and he's on mission. And while Episode 4, "Absolute Candor," is still something of a digression as we add more characters to the proceedings, it's one that reveals more of who Picard is and finally feels like it's pushing the story to pick up some forward momentum.

Most of "Absolute Candor" continues to fill in the blanks surrounding Picard's role in the Romulan rescue from 14 years before the show started, with much of the action taking place on Vashti, a world where Picard (Patrick Stewart) helped settle Romulan refugees. Here, we get our first close look at how the Federation's abandonment of the Romulans affected actual people--the failed rescue left once-prominent and successful people stranded on a dusty, underdeveloped world, where resentment has been left to fester.

A lot of that resentment surrounds Elnor (Evan Evagora), a Romulan orphan Picard helped rescue in the lead-up to the big evacuation and left on Vashti, with the expectation of finding a better home for him later. Fourteen years later, Elnor is all grown up--and angry that Picard abandoned him, and the rest of the Romulan people.

Picard's visit to Vashti, where he attempts to recruit Elnor to the mission to save Soji (Isa Briones), shows a side of the Romulan situation we haven't seen yet, in which the legendary captain isn't viewed with so much reverence. His resignation from Starfleet meant he basically abandoned all the Romulans he had helped to their own devices. Plenty of them now view him as a man who made a lot of empty promises, an embodiment of a Starfleet that showed up to help them when they needed it in order to disarm a proud people who could otherwise have helped themselves.

Those challenges to the image we have of Jean-Luc Picard--as an accomplished leader and diplomat, and incredibly principled man--are the best aspects of the show so far, and Episode 4 leans into them pretty hard. What's interesting about Star Trek: Picard is less its continuation of the story of a beloved character and more that it is deconstructing him by placing him in a world where he doesn't fit. Picard's view of Starfleet didn't line up with reality, so he abandoned it, and that caused suffering for a lot of people, including people he cared about. Reckoning with those facts is humanizing Picard in new, fascinating ways, and those moments are the ones that make "Absolute Candor" really work.

There's also a lot of potential in Picard's relationship with Elnor, who has become a sword-wielding warrior monk in the 14 years since the two last saw each other. Elnor makes yet another member of the crew who's following Picard but maybe not too happy about it, and while their confrontations are minimal in "Absolute Candor," it's exciting to see a group of people following Picard that don't worship him the way the Enterprise crew did.

Meanwhile, the story with Soji on the Borg Cube gets a little advancement, while avoiding getting lost in the pseudo-technical side of her work. Soji's development as a person is a lot more interesting, and we're starting to see a little more humanity out of Narek (Harry Treadaway) that's helping construct him as a relatable villain and not just the shadowy figure he's mostly been up until now. The pair's moment conducting an "ancient Borg ritual" feels like it does more for both of their characters than two episodes' worth of scenes studying Borg drones managed to accomplish.

Star Trek: Picard is still in its ramping-up phase, and like Episode 3, "Absolute Candor" is another exercise is recruiting members of Picard's team, rather than actually getting on with their mission. Where it excels, though, is in challenging its characters with their own history, and continuing to develop Jean-Luc and his team in fascinating ways. A lot of what we've seen from Star Trek: Picard so far suggests more potential than what it actually shows--but with Episode 4, it feels like the show is gathering momentum in all the areas that make it an interesting addition to the Star Trek franchise.

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This VIDEO give more DETAILS about what took place in EP. 4:


Star Trek Picard "Absolute Candor" Review | Episode 4

What's interesting is the way the NEW CHARACTER (called ELNOR) let's PICARD know he's PISSED at the way he's there wanting him to HELP HIM yet he didn't CARE enough about him before to keep in touch with him (which also parallels the way Picard also treated RAFFI who he also hadn't seen for 14 YEARS before he shows up wanting her help). In other words, lots of PICARD's character flaws are being revealed.

Plus 7 of 9 also shows up in this eppy as well.

What's ODD is the way so much of the show seems to FOCUS on what happened 14 YEARS ago, and how it's almost AS IF PICARD didn't even EXIST during that TIME and has just WOKE UP from a long sleep as if he were the character called RIP VAN WINKLE:

Rip Van Winkle - Wikipedia


"Rip Van Winkle" is a short story by the American author Washington Irving, first published in 1819. It follows a Dutch-American villager in colonial America named Rip Van Winkle who falls asleep in the Catskill Mountains and wakes up 20 years later, having missed the American Revolution.

Because PICARD also seems to be just as OUT OF TOUCH with things and with what's happened as RIP was when he WOKE UP again.



Once again, we get a glimpse of what life was like before the synth attack on Mars.

Then-Admiral Picard's in the middle of organizing the Romulan relocation and has made connections with the Qowat Milat, yet ANOTHER Romulan organization we knew nothing about.

To be fair, it makes sense that there's SOMETHING to balance the Tal Shiar's uber-secrecy and pretty much all the other secrecy involved in Romulan society.

And Romulan warrior nuns totally dunks the anti-AI Zhat Vash cabal, concept-wise.

Of course, the whole episode is both a literal and figurative detour.

And due to the way we keep FLASHING BACK to 14 YEARS ago I also SUSPECT that maybe the ENTIRE FIRST SEASON is also a DETOUR as well. Because SOMETHING for some reason also seems to KEEP US from being able to GO FORWARDS !!!


In the flashback, we see Picard as the shining hero, arriving for a bit of a rest on Vashti, dressed all in white.

He is swarmed by Romulan refugees looking for news. He is calmly reassuring, confident in the Federation's efforts in relocating the Romulans before the star goes supernova.

It is a stark contrast to his return in the present-day, dressed in black and reviled by the local populace.

Which once again reminds one of the character RIP VAN WINKLE and how he WAKES UP to find the place he once inhabited has changed since he's been SLEEPING.

Fourteen years makes for a lot of change especially on a planet settled by refugees of a culture which once dominated its neighbors with sheer might and ruthless ambition. It's a little odd that Picard is so unaware of what Vashti is like now. I know he was busy running a vineyard but the old Picard kept himself up-to-date on goings-on of the galaxy.

Glad to see someone else also NOTICED this.

Wonder if PICARD has been OUT of TOUCH because he couldn't be IN TOUCH with RAFFI or these other REFUGEES for some reason???


He obviously viewed Vashti as a sanctuary and even seemed to have bought into his own legend as "Saint Picard" based on his surprise that his name alone wasn't enough to be granted access through the planet's defence shields.

This has been a recurring theme. From his reception at Starfleet Command to how he is viewed and treated by the gen pop Romulans on Vashti, Jean-Luc is definitely realizing that many don't value the good intentions he had fourteen years ago.

Those intentions have been dramatically over-shadowed by his failure to deliver on his promises. People don't remember intentions when the failed mission means hundreds of millions of their compatriots.

His relationship with Zani and Elnor is also curious. I'm not sure what the point was of telling the child he was making the admiral uncomfortable.

For one thing, on the surface at least, it didn't seem accurate.

For another, it didn't seem to change any of Elnor's behaviors.

Zani's statements to Picard, on the other hand, both in the past and present, are pretty spot-on. There's something pretty zen about Zani. She's made peace with a lot of disappointments and, once it's revealed how qalankhkai choose their quests, that seems to be a part of the vocation

Elnor, on the other hand, may have completed his Qowat Milat training but he is YOUNG.

Since Romulans are nearly as long-lived as Vulcans, Elnor who is probably, at MOST, thirty years old, is really a toddler in Romulan terms.

In fact, except for the fact he can disarm two men and take a third man's head off in three seconds, he comes across as a tall, long-haired version of the kid in the flashback.

In other words, according to the VIDEO REVIEW he CHOPS OFF the head of a MAN to keep him from attacking PICARD.

I'm not a fan so far but I can see the potential for some entertaining conversations between him and Dr. Jurati.

After all, my money's still on her to be the turncoat.

Can we take a moment to talk about Rios and his holographic schizophrenia?

First, there's the Irish-y EMH whom he's fairly frank with.

Then we meet the solicitous hospitality holo whom he really hates.

This part with RIOS is my FAVORITE part of the show.

It reminds me of the other scene in the REMAKE version of SOLARIS where the character describes to the SHRINK how the PLANET had created an IDENTICAL TWIN COPY of himself that he also had to KILL 30 SECONDS after he had appeared there on the SPACE STATION where the DEAD LOVED ONE'S of other characters were showing up. But since this character was a NARCISSIST and MOSTLY LOVED HIMSELF, that's why a TWIN COPY of himself had shown up instead of a DEAD LOVED ONE.


Finally, in the heat of battle and in very real danger of being smooshed into a barrier of killer drones, we meet Emmet, a Spanish-only speaking holo Rios activates to operate the weapons while he concentrates on evasive maneuvers.

It was interesting that Emmet didn't bother to do the shooting he was activated to do. Once he'd calculated the poor odds, it seems that he didn't think it was worth the effort. Keep in mind, he's a hologram. Effort shouldn't really be a factor in his decision-making.

So. Many. Questions.

I'm starting to form a theory that Rios himself is a hologram and the whole entourage is just a case of a ship's computer manifesting multiple personalities after its captain died. Maybe it even explains the Klingon opera. It definitely explains the reading material.

This REVIEWER is a LITTLE LATE to the RIOS is also a HOLOGRAM PARTY because I had already IMMEDIATELY GUESSED that RIOS was probably also a HOLOGRAM last week.

And last week Someone else also said that they thought he was previously the CAPTAIN who got SPLATTERED all over the other parts of the ship (which also explains the reason why he didn't want to talk about it when he was asked about it).

Meanwhile, the showrunners insist on shoving something romantic down our throats over on The Artifact.

I never thought about it before but a Borg Cube isn't exactly set up for recreation.

They wouldn't have holodecks or lounges like 10-Forward.

Borgs spend their time either fulfilling a mission or dormant in their alcove

So where does a fella take a girl he's trying to impress? A slippy-slidey ventilation return corridor!


Before I go any further, let me state for the record that I really like Harry Treadaway. I do. A lot. Loved him in Showtime's Penny Dreadful as Victor Frankenstein. But Narek is painful to watch, both in his scenes with Soji and with Narissa.

I'm not sure whether it's how he's written or if romantic entanglements just don't work for me in the context of Star Trek. (I still grind my teeth over the Michael Burnham/Ash Tyler waste of time on Star Trek: Discovery.)

Narissa's obviously not likeable but at least she's got crazy going for her. Narek's just sort of enigmatically meh.

Anyone else a little thrown off by how the Romulans are made-up in this series?

Or maybe it's the costuming that has me puzzled. We haven't seen the traditional quilted armor, humongous shoulder-pads-you-need-to-turn-sideways-to-fit-through-a-doorway look.

Sleek-looking Romulans are an adjustment I haven't quite made yet.

Anyhoo, the primary reason to watch Star Trek: Picard online this week is those final few moments when the hero who saves Picard et al from the Bird of Prey is revealed.


Boo-ya. Mic drop, baby

Who wants to bet Raffi's gonna be pissed?

Let's see what sort of shenanigans you think this crew will get up to. Meet you in the comments!

As for my IMPRESSION …

I'M THINKING PICARD went to SLEEP 14 YEARS ago (like RIP VAN WINKLE) and then WOKE BACK UP again as a SYNTH.

That would also explain that STRANGE DREAM that PICARD was having about DATA painting the PICTURE of his daughter standing there by the STORMY WATER.

And it would also EXPLAIN the REASON why we see the SKY CRACK OPEN in the OPENING CREDITS ... and then see the LITTLE piece of it FALLING down into the BORG CUBE ... before it ends up being 3 other little pieces of FLESH that insert themselves onto the FACE of PICARD.




Elnor is a young Romulan man who has been raised by a Romulan sect of warrior nuns. This group is the sworn enemy of the secretive Tal Shiar as they believe in “absolute candor” and aligning themselves to lost causes. We learn in Star Trek: Picard Episode 4 that Jean-Luc Picard allied himself with this group of warrior nuns during the effort to rescue Romulans from extinction. Elnor was an orphan raised by the sisters on the planet of Vashti — hence why other Romulans nicknamed him “sister boy.”

As a child, Elnor idealized Picard and saw him as a father figure. However, when synthetic life forms revolt on Mars, Picard is pulled away from his work on Vashti. 14 years later, Picard returns to a changed outpost to ask a grown Elnor to aid him on his doomed mission to save Dahj from the Tal Shiar. At first, Elnor refuses to join Picard’s mission, but he becomes Picard’s sworn “qualankhkai” when the elder man’s life is put in danger. A qualankhkai is a member of this warrior nun sect who is sworn to a person’s lost cause.

Here's another link to a RECAP that gives still more DETAILS regarding what happens in Ep. 4:


Star Trek: Picard’ recap, episode 4: ‘Absolute Candor

Picard’s backstory now includes… Romulan warrior nuns? Love it.

In this VIDEO where WIL WHEATON interviews RIOS, you can also see ELNOR doing a DOUBLE TWIST gymnastic move when he SLICES OFF the head of someone who attacks PICARD:


Star Trek: Picard - Episode 4, "Absolute Candor" Recap - The Ready Room

Newsweek offers us still another RECAP:


The parts of it where something that hasn't been said before in the other REVIEWS/RECAPS will be HIGHLIGHTED in BOLD LETTERS:

In Picard's flashback visit to Vashti, we witness his respect for the Romulan people and the lengths he's gone to help them find a new home. But that all falls apart the moment he learns of the attack on Mars, which torpedoes Starfleet's commitment to the rescue operation.

"A promise is a prison," the priestess Zani (Amirah Vann) says, "do not make yourself another person's jailer." The third episode of Picard is about the broken promises confining Jean-Luc since he left Starfleet.

At the end of Picard's third episode, "The End is the Beginning," the former Starfleet captain is once again shipboard, ready to fly after AI scientist Bruce Maddox. But "Absolute Candor" introduces a side mission, returning to the modern day of the series aboard La Sirena, as Cristóbal Rios (Santiago Cabrera) pilots the ship back to Vashti.

With a ship's library full of Klingon opera holos and a pilot more interested in his book on "the existential pain of living with the consciousness of death," the long trip to the Beta Quadrant finds Dr. Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill) lamenting the boredom of space.

"It's not like it's called vast quantities of stuff," she says.


Maybe Agnes should also have RIOS create several other HOLOGRAPHIC COPIES of herself so she won't be so BORED with being in SPACE???


And what the HELL happened to what MADDOX??? Someone said they were going to FIND him there where they went and that he was also going to JOIN them on the ship when they left???

Yet no one has MENTIONED him being there in these REVIEWS and RECAPS???

But a fight between Raffi (Michelle Hurd) and Picard is brewing in the holodeck. "Man can't even take a guilt trip without using a starship," Raffi says, prodding Picard for the vanity she sees in his desire to return to Vashti. Since Starfleet abandoned the planet, it's become a hotbed for the Romulan Rebirth movement, organized crime and piracy.

Still, Picard hopes to find an ally in Vashti's priestesses and believes they will need the help of the Romulan warriors if they hope to get to Data's daughter Soji Asha (Isa Briones) before the Tal Shiar death squads.

Back on the Artifact, Soji investigates what happened to Professor Ramdha (Rebecca Wisocky) and the other de-assimilated Romulans, who she suspects had intentionally put themselves in the Borg cube's path to be assimilated and somehow disable the ship from the inside. In old videos of Ramdha, she learns of the Romulan Ganmadan, or "Day of Annihilation," which will destroy "all life, everywhere."

"When all the shackled demons break their chains and answer the call of The Destroyer," Ramdha says, describing Ganmadan. We know from previous episodes that Soji's lover Narek (Harry Treadaway) suspects Soji of being this Destroyer, but the Romulan spy seems to believe an intimate relationship may lead him to other dangerous, Data-like synthetics.

For "Absolute Candor," as in previous episodes, that means romantic scenes between Soji and Narek, with the underlying threat that their relationship will inevitably become adversarial. Together the two slide around on ice and revel in nerdy banter.

"How's the paradigm," Narek asks Soji.

"Paradigmatic," she responds. Cute!

On Vashti, Picard finds Zani and meets an adult Elnor, now a brooding Romulan warrior elf, who, still better about Picard abandoning the planet, refuses to join Picard's quest. But Elnor's refusal of Picard's call to adventure is short-lived: the Romulan sword fighter steps up to defend Picard when a Romulan senator-turned-gangster attacks the nonagenarian. The sword fight is brief and deadly; its gruesome decapitation joining Rios' use of the word "f--k" in the episode's conspicuous determination to portray itself as more adult than the family-friendly Next Generation.

Elnor (Evan Evagora) binds himself to Picard, becoming the captain's Qalankhkai in "Absolute Candor." CBS All Access

Apologizing to the angry mob of Romulans, Picard and Elnor leave Vashti and beam back to La Sirena. Elnor is now Picard's, "a warrior who has bound himself to a lost cause." But the quest may end before it has a chance to properly begin, as pirates aboard an old Bird-of-Prey attack Picard and his shipmates.

Before the epic space battle, "Absolute Candor" cuts away to a thumb-twiddling scene that's become something like an episodic tradition. Narek's older sister Narissa threatens to abort his slow seduction of Soji and transition to violence and torture to get what they want from Data's daughter. For now, it's nothing more than treading water, and, soon enough, we're back in the skies above Vashti.

The episode ends with a dogfight between Rios and the Bird-of-Prey, which has Picard's ship outgunned, but lacks in maneuverability. Picard and his crew win the day with the help of a mysterious pilot, who they beam aboard after the fight is over. Their allied ship was piloted by none other than Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), the former Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01—a Borg drone who recovered her humanity in the series Star Trek: Voyager. Though Picard and Seven of Nine have never met, the former captain of the Enterprise recognizes the famous ex-Borg immediately. Too bad she passes out from her wounds before they have a chance to talk.

We'll find out why Seven of Nine followed Picard all the way to the Beta Quadrant in the next episode of Star Trek: Picard, "Stardust City Rag," which premieres on CBS All Access Thursday, February 20.

So it looks like we've got these ROMULAN NUN WARRIORS (FEMALE KUNG FU's ???) who like fighting for LOST CAUSES ... who might show up later on to assist PICARD in being able to keep SOJI from being DESTROYED by the other ROMULAN FANATICS ... who think she's going to DESTROY them???

And now 7 of 9 has also shown up as well and SAVED the DAY when PICARD got himself into another STICKY situation with a ROMULAN BIRD of PREY???

With a BEHEADING and a STAR SHIP FIGHT Guess that also means we're definitely into the "ENGAGED STAGE" of the GAME now???

But where the HELL is MADDOX???

RUMORS said we were suppose to FIND HIM this week and that he would also be JOINING them there on the SHIP that RIOS PILOTS!!!


So …

here's my own assessment of the situation so far ...

what we seem to have here is a PREVIOUS WARRIOR (PICARD) …

(who was MOSTLY a DIPLOMAT in TNG) …

who is going around BEGGING for HELP …

from a FEMALE ADMIRAL (CLANCY) in STAR FLEET who turns him down …

who's in CAHOOTS with a FEMALE COMMADER (OH) …

who's got the SISTER of this other guy bugging him that he's being TOO SLOW PUMPING SOJI for INFO???

And on the other SIDE we have a BUNCH of FEMALE KUNG FU NUNS

who raised ELNOR …

who COULDN'T be a member of their ORGANIZATION because he's A MALE.

And we have 7 of 9 showing up again to SAVE the DAY for PICARD when he's attacked by a ROMULAN BIRD of PREY.

So whereas DISCOVERY had a COUPLE of FEMALE LEADS (MICHAEL and GEOGIOU), we now seem to have SEVERAL FEMALES who hold several different positions of POWER in PICARD???

With PICARD having been SHOVED ASIDE over to the SIDE LINES where he's now for the most part POWERLESS???

If only she were here, my bet is CHAUCER'S WIFE of BATH from "The CANTERBURY TALES"" would be VERY PLEASED with the way things are going here in this STORY that takes place in the FUTURE TIME.


In case anyone isn't familiar with The WIFE of BATH from *The CANTERBURY TALES* …

she married 2 OLD MEN for their money when she was still young …

who married her for her other CHARMS …

and then after the 2 OLD RICH HUBBIES died …

the WIFE of BATH …

who was now a RICH WOMAN …

then proceeds to marry 3 more much YOUNGER MEN …

who married her for her MONEY …

whereas she married them for their other CHARMS.

And just like she CHEATED on the other 2 OLD MEN she married, her younger hubbies also cheated on her when they married her (when she was also an OLDER WOMAN to them).

Meaning EVERYTHING that GOES AROUND comes back around again.

So whereas PICARD was previously the BIG SHOT with the BIG REPUTATION 20 YEARS ago, now he finds himself taking a BACK SEAT to others who are more POWERFUL and are more well known to others than he is (such as 7 of 9 who shows up to RESCUE him).

And whereas PICARD spends SEVERAL YEARS hanging out in the VINEYARDS at his CHATEAU, LIFE has MOVED ON without him, and now he's also "WAKING UP" to "DISCOVER" that his BIG SHOT REPUTATION no longer means anything anymore to most people.

And that's also the reason why he's very MUCH like the other "DUTCHMAN" called "RIP VAN WINKLE," who also "WOKE UP" 20 YEARS LATER to find out the WORLD had moved on without HIM while he'd been sleeping.

Just like NEX also "WOKE UP" one day to discover the "LADIES and GENTLEMEN" SIGN on the BUS over there in HOLLAND had been CHANGED to SAY:



Here's Another REVIEW letting us know that RIKER from TNG was the one who directed this EPISODE:


This episode marks the first of this new series to be directed by Jonathan Frakes, who not only plays Will Riker, but has directed countless episodes of "Star Trek," a few of "The Orville" and he directed arguably the best episode of "Discovery" Season 2, "New Eden."

The village looks like a Frakes interpretation of an clichéd idyllic settlement — imagine if Charles Dickens wrote science fiction — just like the Ba'ku planet in "Star Trek: Insurrection." Everyone seems happy and the colony appears to be thriving. Picard beams in and is immediately welcomed by everyone. He reassures them that the Federation is working hard to relocate everyone and makes his way to one particular household.

One of the great things about "Picard" is that it's giving much more insight into Romulan culture and creating a whole host of new elements that are subsequently being incorporated into canon, the Zhat Vash for example, and this episode offers us even more. Picard enters a house, where he speaks to Zani (Amirah Vann). She and the other "sisters" in the house are part of the Qowat Milat, a sect of women-only, Ninja-like Romulan warriors … which is incredibly cool.

Within this house of the Qowat Milat "absolute candor" is the rule, which means only the truth is spoken with no filter between thought and word.

To be continued ...


Picard on the other hand has been working with the Emergency Hospitality Hologram – oh yes – to perfectly recreate his château in La Barre in the holosuite on the La Sirena. And once again, the EHH looks like Rios and is played by Santiago Cabrera. We really like what the writers are doing with the Emergency Hologram concept and the fact that they all look like Rios is utterly bonkers … and we love it.

The HOLOGRAMS are also my favorite thing about the show. And now we also know the SHIP has a HOLOSUITE.


Rios seizes the opportunity to provide some helpful exposition about the potential problems they face in getting to Vashti, which includes an impenetrable defense shield and pirates, or one pirate in particular who's running around in an [antique] Bird of Prey. So we can expect to see that later in this episode then.

(L-R) Emergency Medical Hologram, Navigation Hologram, Hospitality Hologram ... and Emmet. (Image credit: CBS All Access)

back on the surface of Vashti as Picard beams down from the La Sirena. Nothing much seems to have changed in 14 years. Despite trying to say hello to the locals, they all either ignore Picard or glare at him. A battered sign hanging over a bar says "Romulans Only" and this represents the xenophobic attitude that's now the norm in this once clichéd idyllic settlement. Picard continues past the bar and onto the Qowat Milat house where he finds Zani, who's understandably quite surprised to see him. And even more surprised to see Picard is Elnor, who's grown up to become a strapping, young Romulan.

Hopefully, a visit to Freecloud next week will provide a change of pace and advance the story a little further.

So that clears up the matter of how this place wasn't FREECLOUD … and FREECLOUD is also the place that RAFFI said that MADDOX is located (which also explains the reason why they didn't find MADDOX there at the place that they went to this week).


Here's Still part of Another REVIEW/RECAP of EP. 4:


Star Trek: Picard’ Review: Episode 4 Proves Resistance to This Series Was Always Futile

In by far the best episode of this new series to date, Picard completes his new crew and has a swashbuckling adventure.

each of the previous three episodes had multiple credited writers, while this one only had one: showrunner Michael Chabon. It feels like a more coherent effort as well, suggesting that some editing might have been done to the previous episodes to make sure all the table-setting that was necessary for this plot to kick into gear had really been done.

Also back behind the camera? Jonathan Frakes! Number One himself

Picard meets Zani again, who reinforces his feeling of inadequacy with her absolute candor. Is Picard really that different from Starfleet? Because he basically abandoned the Romulan rescue effort too and decided to save no one when he realized he couldn’t save them all. “I let the perfect becoming the enemy of the good,” he admits.

this is healthy! We’re asking tough questions of this character rather than just having a number of angry women yell at him

It also contains DATA's poem that he dedicated to his CAT SPOT along with a couple of photos of it and another QUOTE from TNG:

“O Spot, the complex levels of behavior you display /

 Connote a fairly well-developed cognitive array /

 And though you are not sentient, Spot, and do not comprehend / 

I nonetheless consider you, a true and valued friend”

 — “Ode to Spot” by Lt. Cmdr Data, from the “Next Gen” episode “Schisms”


Meanwhile, back at the Borg Cube…

Here's an interesting VIDEO REVIEW that in the first 7 MIN points out several things that don't MAKE MUCH SENSE:


Star Trek Picard - Episode 4 Review & Breakdown Absolute Candor

First is the way PICARD is dressed in the WHITE SUIT and PANAMA HAT instead of his being dressed in his UNIFORM.

Because he also POINTS OUT how PICARD doesn't use his COM BADGE that we see him wearing when RAFFI contacts him to tell him about the MARS ATTACK.

So WHY is he USING HIS EAR instead of his COM BADGE to communicate with her???

Then he talks about how PICARD created a DUPLICATE COPY of a ROOM in his CHATEAU inside of the HOLODECK which he also finds strange.

And what this reminds one of is the MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS he has that says HALLUCINATIONS are a part of his condition.

So imagine how CONFUSED he could become if the CONDITION gets so SEVERE that he can't tell the difference anymore between what's REAL and NOT REAL and he thinks he's still back at the VINEYARDS when he's inside of the HOLODECK.

At least we should also be able to tell the difference due to the way the DOG won't be there if he's still on the SHIP???


Here's still another VIDEO that at the 4:30 TIME MARK puts forth the THEORY that SOJI is a BORG QUEEN due to the SPECIAL way she has of being able to SPEAK to the DRONES in their OWN LANGUAGE:


STAR TREK: Picard Episode 4 Breakdown + Ending Explained | Spoiler Review, Easter Eggs & Predictions

If that's the case, then they also seem to IMPLY that SOJI would be the result of the BORG QUEEN having MATED with PICARD during the time he was ASSIMILATED, which would also make PICARD her father instead of DATA.


If SOJI is also the DAUGHTER of PICARD, that might also mean the guy she's dating (the DIRECTOR of the BORG CUBE) could also end up being the FATHER of his GRANDCHILD …

which might also mean he SWITCHES SIDES to take the side of PICARD …

which could also give PICARD an ADVANTAGE whenever it comes to KNOWING more about WHO is behind the ATTACKS that have been made on his life???

Hopefully when we meet MADDOX next week that will also FURTHER CLARIFY more about what exactly is going on and why the STAR FLEET ADMIRAL would be in CAHOOTS with COMMANDER OH regarding PICARD???

Does anyone else have any theories about the reason why ADM. CLANCY would feel more obligation and LOYALTY to COMMANDER OH than she does to PICARD???


At the 4:25 TIME MARK in this VIDEO a THEORY is put forth that MADDOX is also a SYNTHETIC BEING:


Star Trek: PICARD- Every Easter Egg in Episode 4 + Breakdown & Theories

So in 'THE MEASURE of MAN" eppy in TNG (where MADDOX wants to DISECT DATA), the idea is the OLDER SYNTHETICS want to know more about how this NEW ONE has been made.

The person doing the REVIEW also suspects AGNES or Dr. J is also a SYTHETIC as well, but since I also created a TOPIC about that ISSUE 2 or 3 WEEKS AGO, that also means that idea should also be OLD NEWS by now to anyone who comes here and READS what's already been said here.



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