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Or season if you are American.

I'd go with Blackadder II, mainly for Miranda Richardson’s childlike Elizabeth, nursey, the conniving Blackadder at his best, the idiot that was Percy, Lord Flashheart’s first appearance, and Baldrick in a dress!

Ranking the series, I’d go like this:

  1. Blackadder II
  2. Blackadder Goes Forth
  3. Blackadder the Third
  4. The Black Adder

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4>3>1>2 here. I agree with your points regarding Miranda's performance as QE, but I just love the way Blackadder schemes in series 3 (in all but title, he IS the King of Britain!). Series 4 is THE best for it's masterful performances allround, turning such a grim topic into scathingly hilarious comedy.