Discuss Shooter

I've seen the movie that starred Mark Wahlberg upon which the show is based, or that shares the same source material. I was not particularly impressed although it was interesting in part. This series shares the same bare bone premise and the same character names, but the show is very different in subtle and not so subtle ways from the movie. There's more emotional depth to the main characters. The character arcs of the villains and the heroes are well developed over the additional time a television series allows. The entire show is well written...surprising and intriguing its audience over and over. It's obvious there was quite a bit of background done to prepare Ryan Phillippe in his role as a Marine sniper. This attention to detail can be seen in other aspects of the production, too. The cast was first rate and showed real chemistry in their interactions: a sense of authenticity. This season was very entertaining and I'm excited to see what the series will do with Season 2.