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After Eric's brother and Nicole rescued Eric and the computer guy just before the place was bombed Nicole went straight back to her apartment. That is a bit crazy to me. She would have been taken to CTU and debriefed along with anyone else who had been there.

I know it's just TV, but stuff like that bothers me. I like these fictions to have what they call verisimilitude so the fiction is a believable story. Viewers should be able to relate the story to reality. Writers get a little lazy that way. They need to create tension and put characters in dilemmas etc., so they cut corners where they think we won't notice.

But I notice. They also make characters make really stupid decisions in order to put them in tense or dangerous situations. It is another cheap trick writers use to create tension.

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Yeah, it's a pretty prevalent trap that a lot of Hollywood writers fall into. It can take the viewer right out of the movie with one of these, "WTF" moments.