Discuss Stranger Things

I believe this series is so special it can't go on very long. It's better than that I'm sorry. Everything was hitting on all cylinders plus a little magic for this to happen. Not sure where the Duffers are taking us but I think the character of El needs to be treated with credible complexity. This can not devolve into a simple coming of age story this child has been totally isolated, it doesn't appear she was educated, in short she was abused. The only childhood she had was the little bit of time from when she met the boys until the end of season 1 and now she's becoming a young lady. All that is the definition of complicated and volatile although I think it would be a vast mistake to do a back and forth good to evil, love to hate bit with her or the people in her life. Same with all the cast. This season is going to take real touch to keep the magic going.