Discuss The Flash

As I was watching the previews during Legends the other night, I realized I have not given The Flash one thought while it's been on hiatus. It's truly been forgettable for me. I'm actually bummed about that. Including Black Lightning, it's my least favorite DC show, and as recently as last season it was my favorite. It's kind of ironic, too, because Caitlyn is one of my favorite characters in the Arrowverse. I loved the Savitar storyline, but I thought it ended with a fizzle. Literally. I was extremely disappointed in how that ended. The fact H.R. was my favorite character and Iris is my least, and he sacrificed himself for her...that didn't help either.

I truly have too many shows to watch, and dropping one wouldn't be a bad thing. What might be the straw that breaks the camel's back for me with The Flash? I think if Iris says, "we are the Flash" one more time, I'm done. I want to love this show again, but I'm not feeling it.