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I would have loved to have been in the room, or listening on the phone or whatever, when they asked Charlie Brill to play Arne Darvin again.

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@Nexus71 said:


Here's an ARTICLE that might ANSWER your question:

the streaming giants have voluntarily degraded their signal from high definition to standard definition to clear up additional bandwidth for the battalion of new online customers.

Netflix, of course, has exploded, as has Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming video sources


Recently, theatre owners have been discussing that in order to get audiences to return to theatres, they may have to let audiences in for free until they get the theatrical “habit” again.

The online world of images has flourished as never before, to the point that the streaming giants have voluntarily degraded their signal from high definition to standard definition to clear up additional bandwidth for the battalion of new online customers. Netflix, of course, has exploded, as has Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming video sources; not only that, but with traditional brick and mortar stores closing on every side, leaving only online ordering for goods and services as an option, all of society has become a cloistered cohort, living entirely through Zoom, Facebook and FaceTime, since human face-to-face contact is now so inherently risky. I

There has been a bizarre upside to COVID-19, if that’s possible — the return to DIY filmmaking and video production, on such platforms as Vimeo and YouTube, as individual artists either upload new work created entirely by one person, or older works that recall a past now seemingly beyond authentic recall. At the same time, the number of older films illegally uploaded to the web has also expanded considerably; the entire 20th century of worldwide cinema is online, free, if you know where to look for it. All of this has happened in mere months, and yet it seems that the change in what we view, and how we view it, is irreversible and long-term.

The COVID-19 virus is, indeed, the great leveller. No one is safe from it, and the fact that it seems like a hardy perennial, eventually to join the host of other illnesses that we deal with on a daily basis, makes its appearance all the more alarming. And yet, we have been “preparing” for it since the dawn of the cinema, and the first time we contemplated our own inevitable mortality on screen. Now the threat is no longer an abstraction, but a fact. As we move online, for goods, services, entertainment and social contact, we leave the real world behind all the more.

This is when the fictions we created on the screen become real, as we move into a semi-permanent world of quarantine. The images we make now will have only a phantom connection to the past, and when and if, at last, this virus is conquered, it will have left a mark on civilisation that will never be erased. What kind of a new cinema will we make when the crisis is past? Like 9/11, COVID-19 has changed the rules of the game; what we create in the future will have a distinctive point of rupture from the past.

So CONTRARY to what one would expect to happen, APPARENTLY the VIRUS has been GOOD for the STREAMING BUSINESS.

And maybe that could also explain why they are so OPTIMISTIC about doing so well in 2020???


When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in August 2017, for instance, Nielsen’s analysis found a 56% increase in total TV usage during the impacted period compared with the preceding period. And during the severe snowstorm that hit New York on the weekend of January 23, 2016, total TV usage was 45% higher during the Saturday of the snow event compared with the Saturday before.

These, of course, were isolated events of a limited duration. The COVID-19 crisis is different because it doesn’t just affect one region, nor will it be over within a few days or weeks.

During these events, Nielsen said consumers stuck at home were tuning into feature films, news and general programming. Streaming, in particular, jumped by 61% during these periods.

The larger impact from COVID-19 could be from the newly remote U.S. workforce. Prior Nielsen data suggests that employees who work remotely Monday through Friday watch over three more hours per week of traditional TV, compared with non-remote workers

Trends elsewhere in the world indicate COVID-19 will send users to stream even more. In Italy and Spain, for example, first-time installs of Netflix’s app were up 57% and 34%, respectively, according to Sensor Tower data.

In addition, live streaming across YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Mixer grew by more than 66% in Italy between the first week of February and this past week, according to StreamElements, and viewers were watching nearly double the number of channels.


CBS All Access though still has the disadvantage to most of the competitors that their content is rather limited certainly compared to what Netflix and Amazon offer also most of the other streaming services don't need a more expensive subscription to watch your content free of commercials plus the streaming quality of most other services is higher CBS All Access streams in SD and 2.0 stereo sound while the competitors provide Full HD and dolby 5.1 sound(or one has to pay slightly more for that) and some (like Netflix and Disney +)even have 4k Full HD.And even price wise CBS All Access is at a disadvantage certainly now when Amazone Prime offers a month free viewing and a initial subscription fee of €2,99 per month and even when that expires and one has to pay the full €6,99 a month (comparable to Disney+ €6,99 a month )most streaming services are cheaper than CBS All Access and even the more expensive ones are preferable to CBS because of the sheer content they offer.Add to that that CBS All Access mainly is available in the US while the compition are now (or are soon becoming )available World wide.And even some inside news reports and analists have now already have announced that the streaming wars are over and the most likely candidates are Netflix,Amazon and a third party that will rule the streaming market and from the looks of things CBS All Access isn't among the likely candidates to take that third spot certainly if you compare it to the other streaming services like HBO Max,Movie Max,Disney+/Hulu or the upcoming Apple TV (even though some analists claim that Apple may already be too late to the game) .Also one has to take into account that since it's launch in 2017 CBS All Access only managed to get around 8 million subscribers in two years while Disney + has managed to get 50 million subscribers in less than 6 months.

All of the above suggests that the announcements that Viacom/CBS has planned for June will among others be about CBS All Access and them revamping it and it becoming part of a much broader streaming platform whether that is enough for Viacom/CBS to run a financial viable streaming service or a little too late time will tell.And maybe in the US they are downgrading their streaming quality but in my country Netflix still streams in Full HD Dolby 5.1 sound (I have the slightly more expensive Full HD subscription for €10.99(which I recently upgraded when I bought my HD TV) a month compared to the cheapest €9,99 a month )And considering Netflix with the exception of Picard streams all other Star Trek series I don't really need Amazon or CBS All Access which content is comparable to that of Netflix)and I am certainly not going to pay €6,99 just to watch Picard and maybe another series or two certainly if one barely has the time to watch all the self made series Netflix has to offer.If and I must underline if I was going to take another service to complement my Netflix subscription my first choice would not be CBS all Access(if it were available) or Amazon Prime (even with the discount offer).

the streaming giants have voluntarily degraded their signal from high definition to standard definition to clear up additional bandwidth for the battalion of new online customers.

Since the GIANTS of STREAMING have DEGRADED their SIGNALS from HD to STANDARD because they've been BOMBARDED with NEW CUSTOMERS, that means the SIGNAL of CBS isn't worse than their signal.

And CBS is also offering a MONTH or MORE FREE SERVICE NOW (which is also why one can watch PICARD now for FREE).

So again, that means the others don't offer anything more of VALUE at the PRESENT TIME, and CBS also has the CHEAPEST RATES now as well for service that includes commercials at the price of $5.99 (which would probably be about half the cost of the 2 POUND rate you've quoted (because the dollar also tends to be valued at about HALF the rate of a POUND). So the 2.99 pound rate would also be about $6 or about the SAME as the $5.99 rate.

And then that RATE would also remain the same and would NOT GO UP after the FIRST MONTH like the other RATES.

And since MOST NEW people probably aren't as CHOOSEY viewing wise, they'd most likely also chose the CHEAPEST rate and be satisfied with the selection (due to their viewing habits not being as sophisticated).

And the 6.99 rate would probably be about $14, which also means CBS is still the LEAST EXPENSIVE service which also GIVES THEM the ADVANTAGE for someone who is looking for a CHEAPER RATE.

What you need to realize is how MOST VIEWERS aren't as PICKY as someone like yourself, which is why they'll most likely also choose the CHEAPER RATE that CBS offers them.

Because MOST VIEWERS also now only get about 3 TV CHANNELS that show mostly CRAP on them like DANCING with the STARS, Amateur SINGING SHOWS, SOAPS, TALK SHOWS, COP SHOWS, etc. (which CBS is probably also full of). So the line up offered them would also be what they're already most familiar with watching.

In other words, it won't be QUALITY they're after. It will be the CHEAPEST RATE which CBS has to offer them.

I am certainly not going to pay €6,99 just to watch Picard and maybe another series or two certainly if one barely has the time to watch all the self made series Netflix has to offer.

Yes, I understand and feel the SAME WAY. PLUS the rates are already so HIGH that one CANNOT PAY the $5.99 RATE for CBS even if one wanted to do so. And one also has to have CABLE SERVICE to get the HIGH SPEED INTERNET service from them, so dropping the CABLE SERVICE and just STREAMING is also NOT an OPTION. And even IF it were, the COMBINED COST of the STREAMING SERVICES also EQUALS the cost of the CABLE SERVICE.

So one will have to be CONTENT with READING the REVIEWS and RECAPS of the SHOW and with getting to see a few VIDEO clips of it.

But the POINT is that with the VIRUS keeping people at home, CBS is also in a POSITION now where their STREAMING SERVICE could also SKY ROCKET as well.

Because as REAGAN was so FOND of saying:


And CBS STREAMING SERVICE might be a LITTLE BOAT in comparison to DISNEY, but the SAME TIDE LIFTING that company will also LIFT CBS as well no matter HOW SMALL a BOAT it is that they have to OFFER their customers.



Oh it’s that new Star Trek we’re talking about. I was thinking of the ds9 episode

It's Euros not pounds

It's says 1 EURO = $1.09 US DOLLAR.

There's also another STREAMING SERVICE called CURIOSITY STREAM that offers a $11.99 DEAL for ONE YEAR (which is about $1 per month).

So that's probably also the CHEAPEST deal anyone can find.


And it's also offered for FREE to those who have the cable tv service that I have.

And it might also only work for those who live in the US???

WESTWORLD was VERY TRIPPY last night. The MAN in BLACK meets himself when he was still a CHILD, PLUS he also deals with the 20 year old version of himself, and with another OLDER version of himself, and with another even OLDER VERSION of himself. They sit there and have conversations with each other while his father in law who is also there CHIMES in every now and then.


He decides to stop looking to the past, to free himself from his self-made “prison of sins,” and look forward instead. He does this by beating all his former incarnations to death. On one level, it is an extremely visceral metaphor for abandoning everything that he’s done or has happened to him so that he can start anew. On another level, it’s a bit difficult to believe this is a healthy way for him to…uh, make peace with his past. Sure, it could be seen as the way William processes things, that he transforms acceptance into a violent act because he’s a violent man, but then there’s the scene where he finally decides who he is now. “I finally understand my purpose. I’m the good guy,” he says, covered in his own blood, surrounded by the corpses of himself.

“Decoherence” adds a few interesting new mysteries to season three’s pile, but also includes some classic Westworld trippiness with William’s fantastic therapy session.

You can see them all sitting with each other here:


‘Westworld' S3 E6 Breakdown: William vs. William | What in the 'Westworld'? | The Ringer

The young boy also turns out to be a PSYCHO who broke the arm of a classmate and knocked out 3 of his teeth.

It also would sorta be like if RIOS beat the other HOLOGRAPHIC COPIES of himself to death.

And this link:


Westworld Season 3 Episode 6 | Breakdown and Review

explains how WILLIAM will be the FIRST HUMAN to successfully WALK through the DOOR to become an ARTIFICIAL BEING (like PICARD did at the end of S1) .


I Have a classic movies app on my TV it's for free and has commercials and the streaming quality is not that high grade but for the silent movies that are there and other classic movies it doesn't matter since most movies are pre 1970.Also there is Popcorn Time which has movies that are usually stil playing in the cinema the quality of those vary and this service also has series it requires a free subscription and a VPN(but it's highly illegal)

Here's another better clip:


William's group therapy session (Pt. 2) | Westworld S03E06 (Decoherence) | HBO

You need to find a way to watch WESTWORLD. Knix could probably tell you how to do it. It's really interesting to see how PICARD's got a character that has 5 COPIES of himself the same way as WESTWORLD has 2 characters that had/have 5 copies of themselves (WILLIAM and DOLORES).


We've had RACHEL who was an ARTIFICIAL BEING who had HUMAN MEMORIES planted into her, but we've never had a HUMAN who has THEIR OWN MEMORIES placed into an ARTIFICIAL BODY before.

Which also makes one wonder what the difference would be with RACHEL having had the MEMORIES of TYRELL'S niece placed into her in BLADE RUNNER.

Did he only placed a few of the memories of his NIECE in her??? And not include all of them??? And how would one go about separating the memories of someone, and being able to chose which one's you wanted to place into an ARTIFICIAL BODY and which ones you didn't want to include???

Because if RACHEL had all of the MEMORIES of his niece shouldn't she also have recognized he was her UNCLE???


I don't have Westworld and I am not going to subscribe to Amazon or whatever other streaming service just to watch one or two shows besides I am currently too busy watching Stranger Things.

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