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I know this was asked before on the IMDb boards. He had the school friend who tried to make out with him, then in one of the first episodes when they were at a concert with the mechanic and his friend. Fez asked Eric if he would go to the restroom with him, and Eric says that only girls do that. Fez then pointed out this man and his friend went to the restroom together. Eric says something like, "I'll explain that to you later." What guy in the '70s would even know that?

I knew it but only because my friend was gay and he would disappear for a really long time after saying he was going to the restroom. I was thinking "What in the world could he be doing for that long?" I didn't have a clue.

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Interesting question. In another episode, Red also asked Eric if he really liked girls. Eric's sarcastic answer was something like, "No Dad, I think their icky and yucky." As if he were an eight-year old. Hidden clues? Maybe, but IMHO I don't think so. The concert episode with the mechanic and friend, was The Pilot. The writers were writing for a 90's audience, and going for a laugh without obviously saying so. Then in the episode with the male friend who tried to make out with him, Eric was upset that he was setting off the friend's gaydar. Maybe Eric was bi? I'm sure other posters have a different opinion and can cite chapter and verse from specific episodes.

There are even theories that Eric was killed in the tornado episode, and that the rest of the series was Eric's comatose dreams. Not that outlandish either, but makes you wonder.

I think that fans are reading into something that isn't there. I seriously doubt that Eric was gay or bi. The writers were probably just messing with the audience as goof. Now Fez on the other hand, that's a completely different story l.o.l.