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They want to keep the show interesting and fresh but I'm kind of sick of them always trying to kill each other. There's only around 1800 people left in the human race and they're just gonna destroy each other until no ones left. They do seem a little bit like they're running out of ideas now and taking bits from all kinds of sci-fi. Don't get me wrong I'm still loving it, the reunions were unbelievably good but maybe it's time for more getting along and showing them building the human race back up again somehow.

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I love the show but you are right. These new bad guys are all male except their leader. How retarded are they for trying to kill everyone else?

I know!!! I was thinking the same thing. So they're leader is going to be the only one to repopulate the Earth. She's smart enough to realise it so it definitely makes no sense. I really like the actress though so I hope she does come around.

Apocalyptic stories are essentially a one trick pony. Kill each other. Which is why this theme is so often the mainstay in video games. Some characters here plead the case for peace, love and happiness. But you can't have drama without conflict so the beat goes on ... and on. It's really hard if not impossible to breathe new ideas into this genre. Maybe, if they all do "just get along" we can introduce conflict from another interstellar species. Oops. Been there done that ... "Defiance."