Discuter de True Detective

And a VERY BIG THANKS and a HUGE STANDING BRAVO to all the rest of the CAST MEMBERS, WRITERS, DIRECTORS, ETC. who did such a WONDERUL JOB making the 3RD SEASON of this show.

Here's also hoping you'll receive the kind of RECOGNITION that you deserve for doing the EXCELLENT and OUTSTANDING kind of JOBS that all of you have done!!!


On Sunday night, Mahershala Ali won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as real-life classical pianist Don Shirley in “Green Book.” That was his second win in three years following his victory in the same category two years ago for “Moonlight” (2016). It’s rare for an actor to win multiple Oscars that close together, but it’s even rarer for a black actor to win multiple Oscars at all.>>

And here's hoping he also wins still more AWARDS for his STARRING ROLE in TRUE DETECTIVE.

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I agree! M. Ali and season 3 of TD were amazing! It's great that he won his 2nd Oscar for best supporting actor. Keep it up!

Watched the PREVIEW CLIP of GREEN BOOK. It does look like a GOOD FILM … kind of reminds one of DRIVING MISS DAISY (in reverse).

It's also interesting how both Wayne and Purcell no longer were able to do anything about it once they figured out where JULIE had been and what had happened to her.

Did her father actually find her there inside of the PINK ROOM before HARRIS attacks him from behind?

Or did he see the drawing of the PINK CASTLE WALL on the WALL???

And how could her Mother also FOOL 2 detectives into not being suspicious about her role in the DISAPPEARANCE (especially after the way she said she had the right to a life of her own)???

The way she ATTACKS Tom, beats on his body, and accused everything of being HIS FAULT also takes on a new meaning when one realizes how she SOLD her daughter to the CHICKEN KING.

And she also sits there on the sofa as COOL as a CUCUMBER when they asked her about having worked at the CHICKEN plant.

And WHY is the CHICKEN KING accusing Wayne of MURDER when he's probably also had Julie's father murdered after he found out where Julie had been kept???

And WHY do we see Wayne's SON place JULIE'S ADDRESS into his pocket???

And then see his 2 kids riding BIKES down the road the same way as JULIE and her brother had done?

Could that be a HINT that the STORY is to BE CONTINUED???

The OPENING part where Wayne's wife reads the poem and says the STORY continues would also seem to be still another indication that this may happen???



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