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Could MR. HOYT who owns the chicken factory also be the one who owns the BROWN SEDAN???

They say the reason the BROWN car stuck out was because most people who lived in that area didn't drive NEW CARS, and MR. HOYT should also be someone who could afford to own a NEW ONE.

And IF MR. HOYT lost his grandchild (who was also miserable because her parents would fight with each other as much as Julie's do), then one could also see the reason why he might give them TOYS and try to do something to help the kids get away from them.

And that NOTE they got also seems to indicate whoever sent it thinks JULIE is better off without them.

And maybe when the kids tried to run away from them, it was also already dark and Will FELL to his death for that reason???

Then perhaps JULIE also placed her brother's hands into the PRAYER POSTITION after MR. HOYT picks him up and moves him into the CAVE like area where he's found???

And maybe MR. HOYT was also dressed like a woman at the time because he was having an affair with the one eyed black man???

Still another thing to consider is how the bike that we see FREDDY fooling around with in the PARK area had HIGH HANDLEBARS like the one JULIE rides.

So WHY would FREDDY lie and say that he was riding the bike that WILL had when we see him on JULIE's bike for a few seconds???


Here's another interesting article:


Wayne and Roland are drawn to the Hoyt Foods factory, where Lucy used to work. The company's boss, Mr. Hoyt, who started the Ozark Children's Outreach program a couple of years ago, has offered a monetary reward for anyone with information about the missing girl. The detectives find this behavior suspicious and demand the names of every Hoyt employee.

Then there are several mentions of a brown Sedan driven by a white woman and a black man with a scar on his face. A local farmer tells the detectives he saw the couple parked in the woods nearby where the kids used to play. This is brought back up in 2015 by documentary maker Elisa Montgomery (Sarah Gadon) who says the details were overlooked by investigators. She mentions that other witnesses saw the brown Sedan and a scarred black man near Devil's Den but that the reports were never followed up.

The reference to a brown Sedan seems to trigger a lost memory for Wayne in 2015. He remembers seeing tire tracks in the woods.

But his mind is falling apart and playing tricks on him. Last week he was displaced in time, this episode he is haunted by Amelia who tells him the past, present, and future is a "stubbornly persistent illusion." She wonders if he is starting to wake up and see things clearly. It's almost as if by losing his memories he is gaining a sense of freedom. He's finally separating himself from time.

When the ghostly vision of Amelia asks "Are you awakening to what you withheld? Did you harden your heart to what loves you the most?" I took that to mean that Wayne was so obsessed with the Purcell case that he closed himself off from his family. He withheld his love from them because he was unable to detach himself from the investigation. And it could mean that. But then Amelia asks, "Are you worried what they'll find? What you left in the woods?" which is a lot more ominous.

Did Wayne leave behind evidence? Did he somehow tamper with the case and that's what led to the wrong man being convicted? Or is this all just a giant metaphor of a man who left a part of himself behind the day he came out of those woods. It could be neither. It could be both.

After he'd hunted down and killed her parent, perhaps what WAYNE left behind in the WOODS or in the VIET NAM JUNGLE was a young VIET NAM girl who was about the same age as JULIE ???

The article continues:

So as the Purcell case reopens in 1990, with Roland bringing Wayne aboard his taskforce, it also reopens old wounds. Despite being tired of the case being in his life, Wayne cannot let it go. He cannot separate himself from the case just as he cannot separate himself from time. And in the end, there will be a price to pay for his compulsion. "How much do I have to lose?" Wayne asks the Amelia specter. "Everything," she answers. "Same as everybody else."

And apparently he's also PAID a PRICE for what he did by being so OVER PROTECTIVE with his own daughter that he's also now PERMANENTLY SEPARATED from her??

And a continuation of the SEPARATION THEME continues when the article also mentions this matter to us:

Extra Case Notes

-Not a good week for Woodard aka Trash Man (Michael Greyeyes). He's beaten up by a bunch of bloodthirsty locals who tell him to leave and never come back. I suspect that Woodard will be going on a revenge spree soon - and that zipped up bag we see him carrying out of his shed is probably full of weapons.

-Speaking of Woodard, I'm now wondering if he is the man currently locked up for the crime. Tom mentions to Roland that it was the accused's kids that have been fighting to get the conviction overturned. That likely rules out the purple Beetle teens. Whereas we know that Trash Man has kids who are possibly in adulthood in 1990.

TOM PURCELL is separated from JULIE.

WOODWARD the TRASH MAN is separated from his KIDS.

Detective WAYNE is SEPARATED from his daughter BECCA.

And since we also heard TOM's MOM saying he was working OFF SHORE at the time when JULIE was conceived, is it possible she might also be the BIOLOGICAL OFFSPRING of MR. HOYT???

That could also explain the reason why he'd be HANGING around inside of the BROWN SEDAN in the WOODS.

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Here's another interesting link that says the story we're watching is based upon another one that REALLY HAPPENED in REAL LIFE:

The Real Case That Inspired TRUE DETECTIVE Season 3


Echols, Misskelley, and Baldwin all have True Detective counterpoints, as seen in the episode’s opening moments as three teen boys drive through the streets of West Finger in a flashy purple …

So 3 boys were incorrectly accused of murder and were then released later on after it was discovered that the STEP FATHER was the REAL KILLER???

Whereas in this story we have the TRASH MAN being falsely accused of it, and then his kids demanding that the case against him be OPENED back up again???


We still haven't MET MR. HOYT yet …

but last week we heard Wayne telling Roland that he'd met him …

and here's something else interesting to consider about him:


It's a LARGE LIFESIZE PHOTO of a woman who holds a child in her lap (which the detectives saw hanging up on the WALL when they went to the HOYT FOODS FACTORY).

The thing to NOTE is how they were told this ORGANIZATION was set up 2 YEARS ago after a GRAND CHILD went missing.

BUT the DRESS that we see both the WOMAN and the child wearing also doesn't look like anything from the PRESENT TIME or even like something that people wore back in 1980.

And the way that the hair of the young child is STYLED also looks more like something one would see children wearing back in the 1950's.

Or like something SHIRLEY TEMPLE use to wear (who was a CHILD STAR in the 30's).

And the PETTI COAT that we see her wearing UNDER the dress (which is also OUT of DATE) also creates the ILLUSION that she's some kind of a BABY DOLL instead of a human being.

Image of a SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLL can be seen here:


So what could this indicate for us???

Why is the child in the lap of the woman dressed up like a DOLL from the PAST???


5 more HOURS left to go until it's SHOWTIME again on HBO ...

Ok. Now that we've seen Ep 6, the OBVIOUS QUESTION to ask is:

WHAT'S there inside of the PINK ROOM???

And since we also heard LUCY telling Amelia she's done horrible things …

and we heard her COUSIN telling TOM how Lucy kept doing something to get MONEY from MR. HOYT …

perhaps that's because MR. HOYT has also been a VICTIM (instead of his using the PINK ROOM as a place to VICTIMIZE others)???

Since we also heard ROLAND observing how MR. HOYT is also a HUNTER (like Wayne), could that also be a HINT that Mr. HOYT might also suffer from DEMENTIA as well??? Something like that might also explain the reason why we've never SEEN or met him yet.

And maybe that's also how Lucy was able to take ADVANTAGE of him and get MONEY from him???

Perhaps she also told him JULIE was his missing Grand child, and then he creates a FORTRESS for her there inside of the PINK ROOM as a way to try and protect her and keep her from being taken away again???

And maybe that's also what HARRIS JAMES was hired for??? Perhaps he's there to PROTECT whoever occupies the PINK ROOM (which may also be another new and different and younger girl who occupies it once JULIE gets away and runs away)???

Still another thing that seems to indicate something like this might be the case is when we hear Amelia reading a passage from her book where she says something about how much

GRIEF is almost indistinguishable from MADNESS.

So perhaps MR. HOYT is another man who's LOST his mind (due to both DEMENTIA and GRIEF), and the rest of the town has also been taking advantage of that and using the situation as a way to EXPLOIT him???

Because in addition to Lucy getting MONEY from him, and HARRIS JAMES making a HUGE SALARY by for working for him, we also see the OBJECT hanging on the wall (to the right hand side of the PHOTO of the WOMAN with the YOUNG CHILD in her lap) which indicates the GOVERNOR is also connected to this ORGANIZATION that's been set up (supposedly to help the families with MISSING KIDS).

But maybe the ORGANIZATION is also a way for others like the GOVERNOR to EXPLOIT MR. HOYT and get money from him???

And that might also explain the reason why someone PLANTED the FAKE BACKBACK under the porch of the TRASH MAN and put the clothing into the incinerator????

Because maybe the GOVERNOR and others in high places don't want anyone to discover how bad off MR. HOYT is and how they've been taking advantage of it???


Still another thing to NOTE is how Wayne also told Roland he MET MR. HOYT back in the 80's or 90's.

And since nothing seems to have ALERTED HIM to there being anything SUSPICIOUS about him (such as when he said his REDNECK RADAR went off at the meeting at the COMMUNITY CENTER where he saw some SHIFTY EYES), doesn't that also seem to indicate we might be on the WRONG TRACK if we jump to the conclusion that MR. HOYT has the PINK ROOM because he is some kind of child molesting pervert???



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