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What are you guys thinking? Everyone initially thought of it being Stephanie McMahon due to their past angles or Dixie Carter because of her surprise WWE appearance on Angle's 24 special.

I can't see them going with Stephanie McMahon just because I really don't think she'd want to be portrayed in that kind of light especially with her children potentially watching the product and on top of that Triple H being her real life husband.

I honestly the majority of WWE fans have no idea about TNA or who Dixie Carter even is and it wouldn't generate the same controversial reaction as introducing Eric Bischoff into the WWE product did.

Definite no for Karen Jarrett as she's probably all tied up with Jeff Jarrett and GFW (or whatever it's called, Global Force Wrestling?)

That's just the idea of a love interest, one idea was that it could be Corey Graves as his "son" or something.

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lolz Bischoff might have given it away in an interview the other day.

If they bring Dixie Carter onto Raw, I'm done with that show. Someone as incompetent and untalented as her, who has also done as much damage to the wrestling business as her, doesn't deserve to spend another second or make another penny in the wrestling business.