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This is a major flaw in this because he is only copying their DNA not their brains therefore the characters in his game shouldn't have any knowledge of where they came from, much less some kind of will to revolt against him.

I won't even get started on how machines cannot be truly sentient.

I stopped watching about midway through. This episode is a perfect example of why I do not watch this series.

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After his gizmo creates the avatar or digital template from a person's DNA it probably then takes a snapshot of their consciousness when they next login to the infinity engine. He designed the whole thing and if people have to tap in to it directly with their mind all he'd have to have is the means to store a copy of their mind and an avatar to go with it.

And a machine not being truly sentient is just your opinion, considering how quickly we are mapping the connectomes of creatures and how pain is just a chemical response I wouldn't be surprised if there is already a supercomputer out there with a simulated fish brain that experiences sensations.

That's what they should have showed, but instead they showed people's DNA as being all that is needed to make a virtual copy of them including their memories.