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Episodes 1

October 21, 2003

• The Prime Minister is having a meeting with the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

• ITV have want Dennis Waterman to reprise all his roles from Minder.

• In Darkly Noone, Dr Alban diagnoses Vicky as being eight months pregnant.

• At the Annual Police Federation Dinner, Denver Mills has been booked to give an after-dinner speech.

• Lou's taken Andy to the newsagent to pick out a birthday card for his brother Declan.

• Marjorie bumps into Paul and Meera at the supermarket.

• Ray's got the TV Repair man in and tries to give the most crpyitcal explanation of what happened.

• Dr Lawrence has taken Anne home with him.

• Des Kaye bumps into his former boss Robin Dee and Dicky Bubble.

• Lou and Andy look at holiday destinations, Andy insists he wants to go to Helsinki.

• At Kelsey Grammer school, Mr Cleeves reads out some messages.

• Sandra and Ralph Patterson break into the offices of the Royal Shakespeare company.

• Back at Dr Lawrence's home Anne has some creative uses for egg and tuna sandwiches.

• The pianist stops playing when he realises he's forgotten to set his video recorder to tape Room 101.

• Dame Sally adlibs a plot involving a character reciting the entire Bible.

• Matthew Waterhouse gatecrashes a board room meeting with a trolley full of ideas for breakfast cereals.

• It's Maria's funeral, Lou's being as gentle as he can with Andy.

• In a charity shop a lady is asking the store owners if anyone died in various items of colthing.

• Dr Lawrence and the children are playing outside and Anne's busy throwing objects out of an upstairs window.

• Emily Howard's at the seaside having a hard time convincing various people he's a lady.

• The World Record Attempters exhibit the world's smallest ant.

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