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Too many fillers! She looks like a monster!!! I CANNOT believe a surgeon would do that to a patient. You can tell she is SERIOUSLY messed up inside because she tries everything to change the outside. She has that Jocelyn Wildenstein "Catwoman" surgery look going on. I could not look at my face in the mirror if it looked like that. She looks even worse than Farrah....and I didn't think that was possible.

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And she has surgery scars all over her jawbone if the camera catches her under natural light. Not only is that gross to look at I imagine it's also painful. How could someone go that far with plastic surgery and still look a hot damn mess? Her surgeon should be ashamed of his or herself.

Ya I couldnt figure it out she look so diffrent. Shame she was a pretty woman but her attitude was always ugly and now she botched her face.Her tattoos are hideous too.

.Her tattoos are hideous too.

That is what I can get over. On one shot, I thought she got paint over her arms after a hard day's work. Then, the camera gets closer, and I see they are tats. :scream:

Did she get butt implants, too?

@JennyDarling said:

Did she get butt implants, too?

That's what I heard.