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The book is at amazon.com. It was written after Nimoy passed away in 2015. It mentions also a bit of a comedy career Leonard Nimoy had in 1980! Book is by Carrie Soulliere! www.AMAZON.COM/some-rodney-dangerfield-jokes-other-ebook/dp/B010EBV6RK

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Doesn't seem that most of the reviewers think it's funny or a particularly good book .

(whispering) Psssst. Nex. Don't poke it.

(whispering) OK Jet.

The jokes seemed more than funny enough. That Nimoy one was sidesplitting. I could just hear Rodney Dangerfield mouthing it into a microphone.

Maybe the other posters were jealous of the author. Who knows? With talent breeds jealousy.

Check out my posting on another book at amazon. One by Matt Margolis (The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama). Go to the discussion listing on here on Hillary Clinton (she is in the book too).

@Nexus71 said:

(whispering) OK Jet.

See what I mean, Nex?

Sorry Jet

No worries, buddy. :handshake_tone2: Nothing for you to be sorry for.

Thanks buddy ! :beers:

Got other celebrities mentioned in it too, this funny joke book.

what the.....???

@Rudd-12 said:

what the.....???

If you figure it out, Rudd. tell us. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Me thinks he wrote the book himself. :wink:

I first encountered him on the M*A*S*H board. Check this out: