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Has anybody on here heard or seen something by Chris109 to my knowledge it's been a while since Cris posted anything.Hey Chris if you're reading this let us know if you're alright ?

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Dark Sithlord hasn't posted in a while, either.

Chris109,Dark Sithlord ,Sukhisoo let us know if you guys are alright?

Rudd-12 posted about two weeks ago, but not since.

Rudd-12 please let us know if you are alright as well!


Dr Bumpenstein and the Brides of Bumpenstein

Chris,Rudd-12 and Dark Sithlord still missing ?

I believe Rudd-12 has made at least a few return appearances. But not sure when the most recent was.

I haven't heard anything. BTW, my new username is Savage918.

Good to see you back again Maria. :grinning:

@Nexus71 :v: Thank you. Good to be back.

How is the hip Maria are you now bionic Maria? (just kidding)

@Nexus71 : My hip still hurts a lot. I saw the latest X-ray and although I have literally 3 big surgical screws connecting the fracture together, I'm not bionic, nor will I ever look like Lindsey Wagner. The doctor says that I have a 60 percent chance of this working. If it doesn't, I may have to get a partial hip replacement.

I do hope everything will turn out alright with the hip Maria I really do.