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I thought it would be a fun idea to list moments that for some reason came over untentionally funny. (Objects and costumes can be included.)

What ever it is that makes you laugh , the poster must send "proof ", a photo or a You Tube link.

Shatner's take on this scene when his boby is taken over by an alien is one of my top "TIRAMISU' " moments :grinning:


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Well I always thought about the next clip that GR wasn't too subtle with the subliminal messages (around the 0:30 mark) :laughing:


I actually was looking for another entry when I came upon this...

Hopefully ,this will be the closest association we ever get between Quentin Tarantino and Star Trek. (at least that's how I feel ...the guy is obsessed with blood)


:rofl: :rofl: @sunshine62 OMG That was hilarious I can almost imagine a Tarantino Trek like that with a retro style and popclassics soundtrack and all I would go and see that movie if Tarentino did it in a similar fashion I would gladly pay money to see that.Loved how they "grindhoused" the images with the scratches blurring and all briljant spoof.

Btw I heard this interview with Tarantino and from what I hear he know pretty well what Trek should be about,and said that he would be interested in making a good TOS or TNG episode into a two hour movie. He mentioned City On The Edge Of Forever but actually he himself thought that the concept of TNG episode Yesterday 's Enterprise would make a great premise for a movie.Here's the link where Tarantino ca n be heard discussing this.


@ to Nexus. Happy you had fun watching too.. Yes the style and the music reminded me of those spaghetti western trailers . Some of these you tube videos are very creative and well crafted ..I love the introduction phrases he used to describe each character..and Uhura's scream is out of this world .

Thanks for the link.

I' m not a fan of Quentino , he exaggerates with the "ketchup" but he sounds very enthusiastic about doing a Star Trek film..

I'll give him some credit for having said that JJAbrams' Khan was crap..

I haven't seen the TNG episode he is talking about ..a follow up of what TOS episode do you think would look good on the big screen ?

@sunshine62 : Well Leone and other Spaghetti Westerns might be a huge influence , but the thing about Tarantino is that he blends all kinds of movie styles and styles of certain film directors,camera angles etc .And as a movie buff it is kind of fun to find what Tarantino will blending together for each movie ,what directorial styles,camera angles etc.For example "The Hateful 8 " one might think has direct lineage with the Spaghetti Westerns but in reality "The Hateful 8" is more connected to John Carpenter's The Thing ,certainly if you look at the movie from a perspective of premise,setting and atmosphere.As for "Django" that is actually far more related to the more traditional American Western from the likes of John ford (big vistas),Sam Fuller and Sam Peckinpah.

As for what TOS episodes to use for the transition to the big screen I would go for ;Balance Of Terror,The Doomsday Machine,The Tholian Web combined with ENT episodes A Mirror Darkly I & II (A Mirror Universe movie)with Empress Hoshi Sato, also TNG episode Conspiracy would be an idea(not a prequel or sequel ) but use certain elements of this episode and also this would be a first in Trek movies since most of them deal with the threat from outside while this episode is more about the threat from within.

How about redoing Operation: Annihilate? Updating the effects would tone down the cheese factor. I'm sure Tarantino could make use of some eerie discordant soundtrack notes along with shadows and offbeat camera angles to make it much more scary.

Don't forget lens flare! All new Trek movies, especially, MUST have lens flare!


@ to Nexus.

I'm not really qualified to make judgement on Tarantino's work seeing the only film I have ever seen directed by him was "Dusk till Dawn" At the time I was a fan of both Keitel and Clooney ( not anymore of the latter). I was really enjoying the film when the massacre started. I'm no sissy ( "300 " is a great film ) but the gore just didn't stop. The end really put me off from seeing anything else labelled Tarantino. I sneak peak some of his films , video clips on you tube , but they just confirm that the gore more than ever is still one of Tarantino's trademarks.

After reading your post , it 's obvious that you are quite enthusiastic about Tarantino's works , style . I have come to value your opinion in the film field and I have decided to give Quentin another chance .. Can you recommend some films that don't involve too much gore , Nexus?

The Mirror universe episode is one of the most popular of TOS but Star Trek Discovery recently dedicated 4 great episodes on this topic , so for now my curiosity has been satisfied .

I would prefer to see something about section 31 which was only briefly mentioned in JJAbrams ST : Into the Darkness. It could be a follow up of Balance of Terror , which you already mentioned , or maybe "The Enterprise Incident" , involving the Romulans and the cloak device.

Of course in the alternate timeline Kirk and Co haven't even started their 5 year mission to explore and seek out new life , new civilisations....

In the mirror universe, Kirk's and the Enterprise's 5-year mission (assuming Kirk survived that long) was to find new victims, etc.

@sunshine62 : Hi Sunshine actually From Dusk Till Dawn wasn't directed by Tarantino but by Robert Rodriguez (Mariachi) and in recent interviews Tarantino has stated that he will never make a horror movie so maybe that should be some comfort to know that gore isn't his thing per sé .As for the violence in his movies it is really mostly a very small part in his movies that is violent, probably 1-5 % of the running time of each movie contains violence and as I said a while ago his movies are way less violent than most summer blockbuster movies who nowadays show people getting butchered by the dozen and often quite graphic(Deadpool,Logan).And as I also said previously the fact that his movies are viewed as violent comes from the build up and a brief moment of stylised hyper-reality violence it is the delivery in his movies that make it feel more violent.Tarantino shows that violence in his movies has consequences like one of his favourite directors Leone.Both Leone and Tarantino make movies that are long and have long moments of build up to a brief moment of violence unlike the blockbusters who show non-consequential violence for roughly 25-30% of the running-time of the movies that came out last year,and increasingly more graphic,since Deadpool was such a big success.

And not all Tarantino movies are that violent Pulp Fiction to my knowledge doesn't show much graphic violent (except for one scene and it's very brief and the aftermath it's actually quite funny which has some of the most witty dialogue and also a starring role for Harvey Keitel .Did you see Jackie Brown Sunshine? personally I think this movie is as pure-Tarantino (without too much of other influences)as you can get it is him being Tarantino when he made this movie and it has no graphic violence in it and it is very character driven and with very relatable characters with interesting back stories.I think you will like Jackie Brown if you haven't seen it yet Sunshine.Personally I think Jackie Brown is an underrated Tarantino masterpiece that grows on you each time you watch it has a great story, a stellar cast(with the likes of De Niro,Keaton,Fonda,Grier,Jackson and a great empathic Forester) ,great dialogue and a wonderful music score.

Although STD might have done it recently I would still like a mirror universe movie encompassing Mirror Mirror,The Tholian Web,A Mirror Darkly I& II.

As for the Section 31 stuff that would than have to encompass everything about Section 31 of ENT and that are too my knowledge at least five or more episodes (Malcolm use to be part of Section 31).One could try a Conspiracy set-up using Section 31 as antagonist,being taken over or influenced or under some mind control or a plain Section 31 scenario with a Paxton/Markus like character at the helm(ENT;Demons,Terra Prime STID)Advantage of Section 31 is that it is such a secret organisation(with lasting commitments even after resignation(see Malcolm),that nobody would know who is a member (or former member) that this would create a sense of paranoia where Kirk&Co have deal whether they can trust the orders being given and by whom they are given.

I picked Balance Of Terror because it can give us an opportunity the delve deeper into the relationship with and culture of the Romulans.Since we only had one movie featuring the Romulans in the main role it would be nice that we get to see and hear more about them. Trek has delved into the Klingons,Bajorans,Cardassians and Vulcans to great depths but there is still so much to learn about the Romulans

No on the point of the alternate time-line movies you are in error Sunshine STB takes place AFTER the three year mission of TOS as was shown in the opening of STB(Kirk notes that everything feels serialised )also Scotty somewhere in the movie mentions ; "Or getting grabbed by a giant space hand " (Who Mourns For Adonais?).

I don't think it makes sense that the Kelvin timeline would have all the same experiences as the original TOS for a variety of reasons, including A) Why didn't Spock (Prime?) tell them what all was going to happen, at least so they could avoid the very worst of the disasters, and B) All of the Kelvin timeline stuff happens years earlier than the original timeline because Kirk didn't take command of the Enterprise in the original timeline until several years after he graduated from the Academy, served under Captain Garrovick, etc.

by Nexus: Hi Sunshine actually From Dusk Till Dawn wasn't directed by Tarantino but by Robert Rodriguez (Mariachi) ....

@Holy smoke and to think I 've had the poor guy on the cross for years because of all that gore 😬

He was in the film, though, I got that right😎

So it turns out that I haven't even seen one of Tarantino "masterpieces" with the except of some you tube clips ..eg: like Uma squashing an eyeball with her bloody foot while the victim is going berserk and screaming like a pig about to be slaughtered.

Just to familiarise with the director today I watched some interviews he made .. he rubs off somewhat mental stating that the violence and blood in his films has no possible negative effect on the public..he invites mothers ,with their 12 year old kids ,to see Kill Bill.😳

He said that HE grew up fine watching violent films 😆 and that Uma's character (a woman on a revenge rampage) can inspire girls 😳..he mentioned woman empowerment.

Okay enough said ...I'll start with Jackie Brown as soon as I can get it from the library and then will share my comments.

I picked Balance Of Terror because it can give us an opportunity the delve deeper into the relationship with and culture of the Romulan..

@I totally agree ..that's why I mentioned "The Enterprise Incident" and just by chance "Nemesis" is my top ST movie..😑 The Klingons ,as a topic, have sure been overused..they are particularly ugly in STD...enough with the war and death cries . So definitely thumbs up for the Romulans .

Section 31...I read that its members had carte blanche. It would be interesting to know more about the darkest "member" of Starfleet mystery, spies , secrets , foul play . experiments and last minute twists ... great ingredients for a compelling story .

No on the point of the alternate time-line movies you are in error Sunshine STB takes place AFTER the three year mission of TOS...

Oopppsss of course How could I forget ...the Enterprise rising from the sea , right in view of that primitive tribe ..the scene didn't make sense but I have to say it was awesome.

Warning: If you are going to get acquainted with Quentin Tarantino and you find excessive gore to be off-putting, stay away from Kill Bill. While some of the scenes are so far over the top that they can't be taken seriously, there is one sequence that just doesn't stop. It, like From Dusk Till Dawn, gets tedious.

Generally, though, QT is not so much about gore as about the scenes leading up to the gore. You know blood is about to be shed and so do the characters. He likes to linger on these tense moments (much like Sergio Leone).

It's been a while since I saw Kill Bill, but I can't think of anything I thought was particularly gory. It seemed more like cartoon violence to me.

There is a scene where Uma Thurman engages in a sword fight with "The crazy 88s." There does indeed seem to be about 88 opponents. She dismembers most of them and blood is constantly spurting everywhere. It is, as you mention, shot to be more cartoonish than realistic. Still, the scene goes on and on. He does stave off some tedium by changing up the cinematographic techniques in mid battle, but it eventually grows tiresome. It seemed as if Sunshine was concerned about the length and repetitive nature of the final battle in Dusk Till Dawn just as much as the gore itself.

Jackie Brown is a good starting place. It is an understated and often overlooked film in his ouevre, but it has its witty moments retaining much of the Elmore Leonard dialog from the book it was taken from. The female protagonist is the smartest character in the film and it is a joy watching her smoothly navigate the various challenges she is presented with. It has a low gore factor.


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