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My favorite time traveling episode is "A Stitch In Time".

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One of mine is the episode with Michael Shanks, don't remember the episode title.

THe time travel episode with Martin Landau. Also, the time distortion one with the little girl on the bike.

Mine is The Sixth Finger.

Favorite episode? Which series? 1963-1965 or 1995-2002?

@cursethedarkness said:

Favorite episode? Which series? 1963-1965 or 1995-2002?

This board is for series 1995-2002.

The message board for 1963-1965 is here.

Direct to discuss.

Be the first to post, I haven't gotten around it yet. :relaxed:

I guess I should have figured out which series this board was dealing with from the graphic, but in truth, I was completely unaware that there was a second version of this series. My only excuse is I only have basic cable. Ah well, there's always DVDs.

I have watched most on DVD or the internet, some I haven't seen yet. It would be awesome if they ever made new episodes. :relaxed:

The New Breed

from s1

I only just started watching and that's the most horrific 40 minutes of television I've ever watched.


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