Begin Again (2020)

DrameComédieSoap 45m
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It tells the story of a domineering female CEO and a warm doctor who turn a fake relationship into reality due to practical reasons. Having exchanged their 'I do's', they start on a new chapter of their lives as they learn to fall in love. Lu Fangning is the general manager of Luning Group, a large corporation in the business of home furniture. Lu Fangning is a woman who has it all - talented, beautiful and rich. Nearing her thirties, Lu Fangning succumbs to family pressures and decides that she urgently needs a husband with whom she will have a child. Coincidentally, surgeon Ling Rui appears in front of her. Ling Rui is not only blessed with good looks but also has an angelic heart, which makes him the perfect candidate in the eyes of Lu Fangning. She schemes her way to his life and they finally become husband and wife. Lu Fangning eventually realizes the error in her ways and strives to be better. However, keeping a marriage is not as easy as it seems.

Distribution de la série

  1. Simon Gong

    Simon Gong

    35 épisodes

  2. Garvey Jin

    Garvey Jin

    35 épisodes

  3. Wu Man Si

    Wu Man Si

    35 épisodes

  4. Zhou Yu Tong

    Zhou Yu Tong

    35 épisodes

Distribution et équipe technique au complet

Saison actuelle

Begin Again

Saison 1

2020 | 35 épisodes

La saison n° 1 de Begin Again a été diffusée le 28 octobre 2020.

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Begin Again
Begin Again

Faits principaux

Nom d'origine 从结婚开始恋爱

Statut Série renouvelée


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Type Scénarisée

Langue originale chinois


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