33 modifications

28 octobre 2020
production_companies a
  • {"name":"Telepack","id":73591}
crew a
  • {"add_to_every_season":true,"credit_id":"5f9906452f8d0900356e6226","department":"Sound","job":"Music","person_id":2038934}
crew a
  • {"add_to_every_season":true,"credit_id":"5f99063377e1f600368bb738","department":"Writing","job":"Screenplay","person_id":551970}
crew a
  • {"add_to_every_season":true,"credit_id":"5f99062443999b0036fbef6e","department":"Directing","job":"Director","person_id":2833453}
season_regular a
  • {"add_to_every_season":true,"character":"Happei Sakamoto","credit_id":"5f9905e1a1c59d0035a42b30","order":6,"person_id":1079863}
season_regular a
  • {"add_to_every_season":true,"character":"Otazuru","credit_id":"5f9905cd35818f00393273db","order":5,"person_id":1060855}
season_regular a
  • {"add_to_every_season":true,"character":"Otomo Sakamoto","credit_id":"5f9905b577e1f600368bb664","order":4,"person_id":80755}
season_regular a
  • {"add_to_every_season":true,"character":"Oryo","credit_id":"5f9905a655937b00371570aa","order":3,"person_id":19591}
season_regular a
  • {"add_to_every_season":true,"character":"Ryoma Sakamo (Child)","credit_id":"5f990590fb52990037334af8","order":2,"person_id":1248335}
season_regular a
  • {"add_to_every_season":true,"character":"Ryoma Sakaoto","credit_id":"5f99055e2f8d0900356e5e65","order":1,"person_id":1875107}
status u
  • "Returning Series"
  • "Ended"
season u
  • {"season_id":166973,"season_number":1}
network a
  • {"name":"TBS","id":160}
production_countries a
  • "JP"
origin_country a
  • "JP"
plot_keywords a
  • {"name":"historical figure","id":6165}
plot_keywords a
  • {"name":"jidaigeki","id":249183}
genres a
  • {"name":"Drama","id":18}
tvdb_id a
  • "132211"
alternative_titles a
  • {"title":"Ryoma ga Yuku","type":"Romaji","iso_3166_1":"JP"}
name a
  • "Ryoma Forever"
languages a
  • ["ja"]
original_name u
  • "Ryoma ga Yuku"
  • "竜馬がゆく"
iso_639_1 u
  • "en"
  • "ja"
created_by a
  • {"person_id":584482}
images a
  • {"poster":{"file_path":"/zbrzuSuO0Ozme6zFtjMc30u5PeI.jpg"}}
type a
  • "Scripted"
translations a
  • "en-US"
status a
  • "Returning Series"
overview a
  • "Ryoma ga Yuku is a five-hour epic which chronicles the life of Sakamoto Ryoma, a pre-revolutionary who helped shape the face of modern Japan. In order to study swordsmanship, Ryoma heads for Edo where he meets many people who influence his thinking. He becomes close friends with men like Katsu Kaishu and Saigo Takamori and later establishes a naval training school in Kobe. Ryoma's controversial political views make him a target for shogunate assassins but his fervent belief in a classless society helps forge the Choshu-Satsuma alliance which ultimately brings about the Meiji Restoration."
original_name a
  • "Ryoma ga Yuku"
adult u
general c
  • null

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