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Thought this might be handy. Feelfree to add.

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(all of these titles have imdbs BTW)




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  • Enemies Within (1995)


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Short 37 Ghosts (2018) -

Mida Chu's films - 2015 short Beast of Burden with Carol bit-parter Giedre Mockeliunaite

Vector III 2016 (

MarkT. Jaggers/Krampf's Romance 2002 -

Marley 2017

Let's Kill Hitler 2017

letterboxd/TED talk-er Naomi McDougall Jones' Out of Focus 2010 - from themakers of Webseries CounterIntelligence with Amazon's WakeUp's Traci L. Newman

NathaliaReyes' Dutch flick Chess

Vito Valenti's shorts e.g. Blue Lights in the Golden City

Short Iguanaman - with FX from themakers of Paul Bettany's Legion -

Veronica Pearson's short For the Love of Musiq (2018) with Purge breakout Brittany Mirabile

Ryan J Lewis' Rush shorts with Tubi's SwipeClub's Nicho Solomon as Chris Blue -

Vimeo short Demented Affection 2015 -

GA blaxploiter Connect 2021 with Letterboxd's Khalimah Gaston On sgrich#simdb radarr list.

LA short UKaos 2014 -

Virginia short The Broken Bike 2013with AMC's Turn's Alexander Vaughn Miller -

Troian Bellisario short A November 2011 -

Jessie Bell's Buffalo short Lonely Bananas 2016 -

Venezuala short Mia 2014 -

Letterboxd entry/Lifetime star Adrian Eppley's 3 shorts

  1. B.w restaurant short Intentions (2012) , the only work of Michael Lucas

  2. Matter's Hyaluronic Facial Cream (2019) with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 's Vanessa McMahan -

Colorblind 2020 with Black Panther's Armand -

TMDb/Mank's Jaclyn Bethany's films

Highway-1 2021 with Stella Baker, Ivy George, Belle Aykroyd

The Failing World 2021 with Isabelle Chester from Life on Mars USA, Tesla's Lucy Walters and Law and Order's Ryan Buggle , and redhead kid actress Belle Henry (Bleecker w Tovah Feldshuh) -

Belle Henry/Nicola Rose's Vimeo short Gabrielle (2019) -

Starring my critic friend Michael Haberfelner's friend Maggie Shirk - of Edie Falco's Tommy, Troma webseries Skeleton Crew 2015, and unfin. film Double Take (with Tmdb's Molly Gazay).

Nicola Rose's short In the Land of Moonstones (2018) with Lorraine Evanoff (Kieslowski's Veronique)

See also Rose's Callie & Izzy, a cartoon by Jerry Seinfeld Cameraman John F. Schindler and BBC Doctors actress Bianca Kenna

Giant Hunter Media's Short Girl Boxer 2019 with Terminator's Brett Azar, Lauren McCann and Molly Gazay

Most of Caveh Zahedi's films are on Letterboxd but Gazay-starring mockdoc This is Hamlet ain't.,0,67,98_AL_.jpg

Gazay's 2009 film Red Door with Letterboxd's James Lontayao

Double Take with Creed's James Wosochlo, Gazay and Michael Haberfelner's friend Maggie Shirk- A Double Take -

Where is She (2020 - another on SGrich's radarr list) -

Shorts 2018 Danny Elfman-scored short Newcomer by Linnea Passaler. Short Joachim Pfefferkorn Nowhere I'd Rather Be 2014 with Gotham's Sarah Pidgeon. Short Dreams at the End of the Rope 2010

I'm Considering Maria Yano's unreleased 2017 Vegas drama Time to Turn the Paige for Imdb deletion. It stars letterboxd's Elizabeth Noelle Japhet, Youtuber Bart Baker's sidekick Guy Ambrouso, Jason Bourne/Burt Wonderstone's Brandon Chapmond (also in Vegas Orwell short Forthe Cause (2012)) and Letterboxd's Clayton Beard (also in Modern Artists TV short Mentor with Alexandra Paul) Ambrouso was on an AmazonOasis spoof. Back on topic, through thisI found he was in Columbia College short Albert Emery and Jameel's Hapless John (2018) with Big Bang Theory's Meli Alexander, and Filipina-Brit CCHgrad filmmaker Cheryl Nathan .

Guy Ambrouso also in Youtube shorts - SWAT's Eian O'Brien's Catchpenny Ritz (with Letterboxd faves Ashna Sharan and Ella Jordan)

Day Ja Vu with Letterboxd's Veronica Farren.

A Logan Cruz worked with Ambrouso but did nothing else. Another Logan Cruz did camerawork on Luis Licona short Watermelon Seed (2019) - shot atWinter Park Florida - with Hillbilly Elegy's Lucy Capri This is missing from Capri's entry. Short The Day That She Died (2016)

Eian O'Brien's shorts eg 16 Bars, his work with Glen West

Albert Emery also worked on 4 shorts. Jackson Daneluk's University of Utah film The Word of God (2019)

Lesley Flores' Girls' Night with Letterboxd's Andrea Cortes

In the Spirit (2019)with letterboxd goth Corrinne Mica

End of Term (2019) Letterboxd's Pantelis Kodogiannis


Also collated this list.


Not on Letterboxd

Obelisk (2014)

The Understudies (2018) (TV)

Short Sky Paradise (2014)

The Things I Want to Tell You (2012)

Unrevealed: 3 Days in Hades (2016)

Storm (2019/I)

Lunchsaq (2014)

The Opposite of Romance (2013)

Gabriela (2020/II)

Ohio gangster parody Who Shot Swatcha Big Boy? (2016)

The Robotic Horseman (2020)

Green Eyed Monster (2021)

An Unfortunate Accident (2021)

Eleanor (2021)

SC/Carolina FilmInstitute shorts

Smothering Pillows (2015)

Cecil's Girl (2015)

Off the Beaten Path (2016)

Paresthesia: Conversations with Chaos (2011)

So Above (2017)

RB6: Brotherly Blood (2013)

Children (2014)

Jealous (2013)

Hard Facts (2013)

Facade (2012/I)

Hunter's Song (2021)

Cobra Blood Cocktail (2009)

The Mortified (2011)

Autumn Leaves (2017)

Human True (2018)

Stored Away (2016) - studemtfilm

Dolores (2015)

NY short

Vilified Banker (2019)

The Squatter (2016)

Sensory Deprivation (2015)

They Loved Me (2014)

Pathos (2014/I)

Weight of the Pen (2016)

Maneuver The Film (2018)

Crave (2018/II)

Meat (2016) (V)

I'm Waiting Here (2016)

Far from the Tree (2017/III)

Time Peace (2016)

Cloudy (2020)

Bechdel Blues (2016)

Bailar Amor (2016)

Finale (2014/II)

Mirror (2015/IX)

Suspect (2019/IV)

Remember to Forget (2013)

Brutally Honest Thanksgiving (2015)

My First Time Doing It: Tough Mudder (2017)

Addicts Abuse (2016)

Broken Land (2018)

Grandpa Gene (2019)

Trees & Ink (2012)

How to Break Up with Your Girlfriend (2012)

Love Me as I Am (2013)

Like a Boss (2015)

Last Night in Brooklyn (2009)

A Soldier's Faith (2007)


Sands of Ikkera (2015)

I Married an Alien (????) (TV)

The Drown Saga: Tides (2021)

Daniel & Maggie (2020)

The NPC (2021) C-60 (2019) (TV)

Polybius (2013)

Fear to Be Brave (2020)/Fear to Be Brave: My Sister's Keeper (2020)

Turned Tables (2012)

Little West 12th Street (2017) (TV)

Collisions (2014/II)

Ain't No Woman Like the One I Got (2014)

Duped (2014)

They're Coming! (2020)

The Darkness Outside (2021)


Things Like Chemistry (2015)

Project Eve (2017)

Gunnysack (2016)

IA's Wait in Silence (2012)

The Burden of the Shepherd (2013)

Phyllis Jackson's Reflux (2015)/Notice (2020/I)

Shelby Staxx (2014)

LIONS (2019)

Without an Ending (2016)

The Last Night (2015/II)

Amber Dawn Fox's Sis (2018)

Coronaman: Stay Home (2020)

The Prospector (2021)


Know-It-All (2020)

A Paper Tiger Burns (2018)

Given Life (2020)

Stuck (2019/IX)

1 of Too Many: Part 1 (2016)

Shoot for Life (2015)

Reversed Destiny (2016/I)


On Golden Years (2014)

On Amazon

The Haunting of Four Points (2017)

Running Away from the Unknown (2020)

Raleigh, I Kinda Like You (2018)

[/SPOILER] Not on TMDB, blax-dystopian short Equalizers (2010) from 7th Angel/Aryeh Leb with Chicago Fire/tmdb's Maurice Johnson and one/done James Ingraham - hot the Brit cameraman. Most of Newfilmmakers' work is missing, inc. Robert J Morgalo (Succession)'s short films War of the Worlds 2021, Guilty Prince of Chinatown, Toronto Film Channel's Dispensable (with FX by Batman Dead End's Renegade) and the unfinished Lenin Gutierrez story,video,short&countries=&role=nm9773818

Operation Get Rid of Pinky

Anyone know what happened with Spyquest 2017?

Outside of Darkness 2018



Heterodox HDS with Letterboxd's Vanessa Ore -

Mubi's Forever 2016 - Walter Pham's Act Three -

Filmfreeway/Maldonado/URBN short 11/95 2020 with Tyler Perry fave Joel Rush

Pat G. Keenan's short Mike (2019) -


Neville Diony's the Bachelor Party 2021 with TV'sPower's Quincy Giles and Jacinth Sutphin/Headlam -

2011 Retirement Party with Green Book's Ted Huckabee -

2016 Japanese thriller Cocktail Party

Shorts Sugar 2016

Ara Woland and Jane E. Seymour's weird western Phantom Valley 2020 by Nina Kotyantz, Ara Woland, Jane Edwina Seymour, Logan Laurel

Steve Harvey show's Wendy Raquel Robinson's short Sugar 2016 - Roscommon man/Instagram photographer/SAGger Dan Tymon has done various amateur web shorts inc. webseries My Voice (by one Juliana Compton). shorts Think Different 2017, something with a plate, and In Session 2021 with Liana George who did grip on Mary J Blige's documentary, Amazon lesbian series Split and Amazon's City Guyz with Glee's Ali Stroker, and Vimeo short Nana's Room Tymon's followerMichelle Felice Hartley's CV claims she was in OneLife to Live, but her imdb says she has only acted/produced in NYC shorts.She was in 1. the Kids' Menu 2017 with Sopranos'VincentPastore and Nyle Lynn, 2. Ma and Rhondda 2015 and 3. Don't Hold Back (2013) , both with Round Midnight 1986's Sandra Reaves-Phillips, 4. Mental Health 2013 with FX's Pose's John Borras and 5. Bait 2018 with Amityville 2 child actor Brett Katz, about a spy named Lacroix.. Her sole big mention is on Broadway World. She knows Letterboxd's sam Whitehill and Broadway legend Judy Kuhn.

There's also a Michelle Feliciano on Tmdb

I have either added or found entries for

Amazon Prime Blood Thins -;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1624248316/RO=10/ September Rayne - Brunson's Dissolved A Game of Truth - My 3 Boys (2018) - the 100 Dollar love letter to Black Women - Short Prodigal Parents - Parallel Parking 2018 - Harvest Season 2018 with Chantey Colet and MarkMeekins - BFF - Summer of my Discontent - Yellow Lights (2007) - London and the Muse - Love N Success (2015) Reversed Destiny (2016/I) He Drives at Night (2019) Elle Rose (2021) Angry Tears the Earlina My Story (2013) Life Without Hope (2020) Emmanuel and Me (2019) - Unlawful Duties - Beauty Is Skin Deep (2021) - Pluto2011 - Kingdom of Var 2019 -

Tubi Faces of Fear (2020) - Threebound (2020) -

Slick Silver (1976) Bullamakanka (1983) Vitally Versace's Aladdin 2020
Short Cut to Haifa

Olaf's Quest -


Vimeo Hair Love and Racism - Nosedive - On Talking Pics TV The Promise 1952 - On UK DVD -

- Enemies Within (1995)

DVD The White Faced Man 2014
Wingmen Inc 2013 - Stuck on Neal 2014 - -Bacon (2012) - Overtime 2011 Mattie the Discovery 2018

Shorts Victor!!! 2019 Weltschmerz 2018 "Where the Truth Lies"(2021-06-06) Almost There(2014-12-12), The Vow(2017-01-01) A Cure for Silence(2019-11-11) Yield(2015-04-11) Vilified Banker (2019) 1426 Chelsea Street(2012-11-11) The Important Part(S) of Me(2018-12-20)

Features My House(2016-07-22), 111 the Force Five Days in the 'A'(2009-12-12) Chloe's Prayer(2006-12-20) The Games That Children Play(2014-09-25) Prescription for Love(2020-12-12) A Piece of Me - An Everyday Story(2016-12-12) Ascension: I Am Not My Mother(2015-12-12), Curse of La Llorona(2020-12-12) eOn Golden Years(2014-12-12), Teenage Vampire(2020-08-22), Bruthas 321(2018-12-12)

Glass 2016(2016-12-12) Buds(2016-12-12), Love Magical(2018-12-12), The Crooked Mind(2016-12-12), Cry 2013 Glass 2016(2016-12-12)

I am That Bhakti Boy Say it in Russian 2007 -

Maybe Tomorrow 2008 - First They Came For (2008) - I Need to Lose Ten Pounds (2006)

Tubi Faces of Fear (2020) - Threebound (2020) - Youtube Slick Silver (1976) Bullamakanka (1983) Vitally Versace's Aladdin 2020 - Vimeo Hair Love and Racism - On Talking Pics TV The Promise 1952 - On UK DVD - Enemies Within (1995) DVD Brooklyn Boys 2002 - This is nota War Story - 1 Quote 7 replies (on page 1 of 1) • Jump to last post M Reply by MxGeorgeWhite on 20 June 2021 at 7:41 AM @MxGeorgeWhite said:

Thought this might be handy. Feelfree to add.

All of Taurice Artis' films too

Scott Held's DTV romcom Pushing Thirty
Speechless (2006) -

Amber Sunrise 2006

Dutch Book 2015 - One for the Road 2020 -

-Communion 2013 - -

More than Diamonds 2010 -;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1624297799/RO=10/ Midnight Kiss 2015 -

Tale of A Corporate Slave 2019 - - A Time for the Heart 2009 -

-Spark Riders - ... flmg_act_5 with Full Moon starlet Victoria de Mare

-Make Love Great Again - y

-Quincy Leadbetter's Adieu Dreamer 2020 -;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1624242476/RO=10/

Death on a Rock 2015 -

Beekeeping 2006 - Beekeeping 2010 - Five Days in the A 2009 - Chloe's Prayer 2006 - Cardinal Rule 2018 - (on Louisiana film Channel)

Added/found onTMDB, Icharus Broken 2007 - God's Country, Off Route 9 (2009) - Clubscene 2009 - Into the Valli 2018 - Sparkle and Tooter 2009 - The Plug 2016 - - Pranksters 2002 Lost Thoughts 2002 - Hiding Place 2010 - Marley Falling World Bhakti Boy - 1426 Chelsea St Sweet 2019 Blood Mixed Journey Mattie Crooked Mind Almost There Paper Tiger Burns Speechless - Games Children Play Jason's Letter 1 of Too Many Bridge

China Doll 2010 SHORT with Mark Ruggiero and Crow's Angel David -

The Anatomy of Love (2010) -

April 31st 2010 -

Bhakti Boy 2015 -

A Piece of Me - An Everyday Story with Gotham's Devale Ellis ... _ql_stry_4 Ascension: I Am Not My Mother (2015) with Ransom 1996's Mitzie Pratt

111 - the Force 2020

Being an Adult Sucks (2010) with Cole Carson - Trader Jack 2010 -

Added/found Golden Boy 2018, Best Laid Schemes 2010, Damaged Goods 2006, The Wolf 2012, The Devil's Pet 2015 You.Me.Us 2018

Just a word of caution that Amazon Prime carry self-released content and we don't. Always make sure that each movie/show has a professional release. See full set of rules here.

I understand. I always do checks. Many times, shorts turn out to be student fare too, which I don't believe should be on Imdb in the first place.

Do you think this looks dubious to ignore Expired FB page. Cherry's other films released. Google doesn't bring up anything of note regarding Pharaoh's Bread Red Vette looks amateur, but allegedly played TIFF

Star Sean Russel Herman has a TMdb.

A;exReiter/sshorts I'mnot sure either, though Marshmallow with a Backbone star Ryan Caldwell has a hefty TMdb.

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