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Thought this might be handy. Feelfree to add.

Amazon Prime

(all of these titles have imdbs BTW)




On Talking Pics TV


  • Enemies Within (1995)


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@MxGeorgeWhite said:

Thought this might be handy. Feelfree to add.

Amazon Prime

Emma Evans' other shorts like Gopal Bala's Unleashed (all of these titles have imdbs BTW)






On Talking Pics TV


- Enemies Within (1995)



- Jack Rio (2008) -



-Spark Riders - ... flmg_act_5 with Full Moon starlet Victoria de Mare

-Make Love Great Again - y

-Quincy Leadbetter's Adieu Dreamer 2020 -;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1624242476/RO=10/

Death on a Rock 2015 -



The Devil's Paw with Bill Pacer - and other shorts with CBS' Inspectors' Tarnesha Small - Shaun Mathis' Colorblind with Loki's Hannah Aslesen - something for TPN and possibly unreleased Distorted -,video,short&release_date=2010-01-01,2021-12-31&countries=&role=nm7746304

Ashleigh Coffelt's short films -;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzIEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1624209269/RO=10/

Thayer's work - Unplanned's Matthew Thayer made short Duped with the rest of his family - Old Man Jackson 2021-


Murder in BB Minor

RemotelyWorking -

Amsterdam Ave -

31 -

Player 2015 -

A Carolina Christmas 2020 from Dalton Pictures -

Veiled TRactate (2019) -

Prescription for Love =

KNIT 2016 short -

Haima -

Mazurkas 2016 -

Harmonica Man 2019 short -

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child 2009 -

My House 2016 -

Almosting It 2016 - rev. by Richard Propes - See also My Dinner with Schwartzey 2019 -

Stuck -

Storm 2019 SHORT -

Loner 2019 - rev. by Michael Haberfelner -

Jason's Letters

Morris (2020) -

Technicolor Daydream 2018 - won at Saints and Sinners festival

Last One 2018 -

Forces of Horror 2017 -

Ray Davis' Philly philm Heart of the Beast 2017 - with Alyssa Kempinski of The VelociPastor

Nicole 2019 -,video&countries=us&role=nm6737859

Metamorphosis: Junior Year -,video&countries=us&role=nm6737859 Various films by Jacinth Sutphin/Headlam - Secret Friends

Night at the School 2019 - got fest play - Vinson Russell, Elijah Marsh, Maia Dubios, Michelle Han, Yazmina Holeness, Kanye Huff and Shelby -

Love Me As I Am 2013 SHORT

Worst Kind of People (2013) - On youtube

Thanks - I suggested Hair Love to a list 16 days ago. It must have been added. ditto Worst Kind of People (2013).

Nicole has been added too.

Cracks 2018 -

Iguanaman SHORT -

Tolin Eddy's Shoreline -

Last Operative

Ronald 2019-

Escape from Area 51 -

Norman Loftis' Messenger 1994 -

Turktoon Me. My Sister and the Alien -

Maverick#s Complex 2021 -

Robin Troja's Black Friday Subliminal - - with casting dir. Adrienne Stern who discovered Chadwick Boseman

Life Ain#t like the Movies 2021 -

Teenage Vampire -

We the Jury - with Sheila Ball

Canuck horror Nowhere to Run from Midas

Antoine Allen#s Lola 2020 -

Fighting Lion's Youtube feature Hatch 2010 -

King Lion's Federal Execution 2020 -

Given Life 2020 - with John Wick III#s Sooch

Koan's Law of Attraction 2020 -

Payin# the Price 2011 -

Green Glass SHORT Haunting at Hidden Lake 2020-

Anthony McHie short Passive Fist 2011 with UndergroundRailroad's Keith Brooks -

Missing 2014 -

Technicolour Llama 2014 -

Secret Children 2014 -

Good Wood 2014 -

Time Refugees 2014 -

Subdued with Andrea Morales -

Kawaii Electric Company 2015 -

Lone Stars' B.O.O.S.T. 2015 with Gabriel Luna

Painted Horse's Sarah's Friend 2015 with Walking Dead's Kyla Kenedy -

Another Brick in the Wall 2016 -

Emblematic/Distribber's Mariachi Madness 2016 -

No Borders' In Dangerous minds 2016 - - James Tackett

Talons 2016 w Michael Madsen -

The Punished 2012 -

Suicide Notes 2013 -

Youtube's Aint no Woman

Debbie Harmon#s Psychology of Secrets 2013 with KatelynNacon -

Vimeo/IA short Wait in Silence 2012 with Blacklist#s Jess Nahikian -

Camp Virginovitch 2012 -

Crooked Mind 2016 -

Transition 2015 -

Secret Nights with Jacinth -

A Spark in Nothing -

Games Children Play 2014

LaPatasola 2021 -

Modern Whore -

Short They're Coming 2020 -

Alondra Underground 2020 -

All In 2020 starring Onahoua Rodriguez -

Mabrook - a short from 2021 -

Tales of Legend 2021 -

Scott Yates hixploiter short 7SHOTS - and As the Crow Flies 2020 -

JonBlaq short Pimp by Blood 2021 -

Next of Kin 2021 -

Fisher 2021 -

Bridge - Full Circle 2020 -

The Industry Did It 2020-

Austin Bitikofer and Brandon Marski's short Sunrise 2020 -

Prepare for Launch SHORT 2021 -

Short Coronaman 2020 -

Fisher 2021- - if it gets completed

Blood of Bad Men 2020 - Unfair Game 1995 Candidate Kid 1996

possibly Washington student film Moonlight Stranger and Duke Uni'sGodspeed but I am ambivalent on student films' inclusion. gaydrama Pink 2018

Several Things Not Intended to Hurt You (2004) -

No Redemption with Joselyn Hall -

Fourth Quarter (2018), vvth Creed's Charles W. Harris

Checkmate 2011/iv with Cobra Kai's Kjaylin Brown

Dana Killebrew's DNA films so sloppy, no country listing on imdb.,2021-12-31&countries=&role=nm11082635

Boston horror Higher Methods -

2005 70s sexcom Circle Track Summer

Kevin Macleod-scored blaxploitation short Drop Off by Dark Water/Donte Perry -

2009 On the Market is by Bill Rahn

Faux-noir short Who Shot Swatcha Big Boy? (2016)

A short by Ian Tan/Derrick Chan called A Cure For Silence. Plus Chan and Tan's other short Dancing Shoes -

Deak J. Smalls' various films -

Faux-silent comic Brian Parks' 25 cents toParadise 2018 The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets & Hot Pink Jesus, Act III: Have Faith, Will Travel With Mortuary 2005's Christy Johnson,2015-12-31&countries=&role=nm2859542 Alfred E. Rutherford's When Pride Comes Before the Fall (2017), Shankman's, Relapse (III) and He Watches over me

2012's short Things I want to tell you with Boardwalk Empire's Susan Kirby Also w Adult Swim's The Heart, She Holler's Claire Duncan. who was in sf short Paradise Sky

Hawaiian noir Cleaner and Deadman - by Jess Bryden Stars: Tira Akina, Josephina Alvarez, Art Balligui, Eva Jade Blacker and Playboy's CJ Miles

Unrevealed: 3 Days in Hades (2016), a short by Universal Xtan producer Ty Manns -

A Paper Tiger Burns with letterboxd/South American star Carlos Antonio León -

How to Love A Black Woman (2020) - with letterboxd's Willie D. Davis IV -

incest short My Brother, My Sister -

Short Troy which has cool art. Tubi's the Stalker's Jimmy Ace Lewis

Bearhugs' musical Freedom of NC with beardy Bryan Matthew Ward

Valerie (2018) starring HBO's Outsider's David Collier

Chris Cashon's SC short Off the Beaten Path -

Pete Mangum's short Last Train Home - with Walking Dead's Havana Blum. Blum's magic short Passing - ... tt_ql_dt_5 Chris Cashon's Found Footage (2014) with Amazon's Arbor Demon's Michelle Mills, and the b/w noir-y short Turned Tables (2012). Algeny: The Genetic Factor (2007) with HBO's Succession's Rob Yang

Cyborg voice Avery VVaddell's Questions (2019) - -

Short Redemption 316 (2012) starrng Dynasty's Erica Page -

King of Kings with Xmen the Gifted 's Jackson Che

Airway 2021

Vicki Syal's Love Doll - if it gets a release.

Stage short Loving Him with Modern Family's Cedric joe -

Dirty Girl - Mare of Easttown's Gabi Faye does rape revenge -

American Standard - Nic Roeg's sons do blaxploitation -

Pharaoh's Bread 2021 -

NewTv's the Shadows 2013 -

Rodney Eastman's Burden of the Shepherd -

2018 short Impact

Travis Lien's Spokane international film festival/WashingtonEastern Uni (as seen on letterboxd) short/SF TV parody Without an Ending - With Youtuber Michael "BlairBomber" Tazz, Malorie Blackman-alike Audrey Seda (Viggo Mortensen's Captain Fantastic (2016)) and Chris Mudd

Muddwas in: (Justin Zimmerman's SF short Lions 2019 with Z nation's Rosslyn Luke)

Moneyline with Chelsea Brunetti2016 -

White Gold 2004 -

2 for a Dollar 2021 with Kenneth MacGregor

John Amplas' Mortal Remains (2013)

Phillysploiter Without You 2018 - Jesse Michael Hibbs' films esp. Callback with Letterboxd staples Mino Mackic andShannon Brown plus Kylan Conroy and Kalle Jogisoo


Adrian Roman's Third Party -

MyDad is Seven byTim Myer -

StanGrunder's Through the Artist's Eyes (2015),

Jared Lindsay, Chris Thompson and Stan Wankowski's Carnival of the damned

Travis Tyler's Shorts e.g.Father's Gun (2014), End of December 2012 -

Festigious short Becoming Lucy -

SHORT Viralciity starring Chase del Rosario, a tiktokker is a knockoff of unfriended.

Shameless' Marco AntonioParra has some films not on TMDB.

Sacred Game 2009 - Kate Eppers' other work like TheLoner 2019 - and -,video,short&countries=&role=nm7371327

The Reason of Living -a girl with her face to the wall horror short by Larry Karasewski's friend Benjamin Knoebl. Brigitte Toubia's Boston short How to Kill Your Sister and Make Millions While Doing It (2014) with Sam Pannier,video&countries=&role=nm3238548 Aside from Webgirl and Bride Wars, Pannier's other films aren't on TMDB, esp. Mission Park (2010) and The Rude, the Mad, and the Funny (2014) and Supadupa

Filmthreat/ film Into the Black 2004 -

Atlanta's Grady Port's shorts Sunnyside Drive 2017 and Paranormal Synchronicity -

Playin' Church 2008 -

Borderline shorts ImdbTV's Pitch Kid 2009

and Love Transcends 2010 -

2010 short horror Trader jack

Short Grey Area with's Black Creek's William Atton which looks like it's about alien grays.

Feature Vixen of Vengeance 2016 -

Chicago horror shorts of - McDermott and Williams

RE:Chicago horror, Praesdium 2016 - which is one of the three shorts that Paul Myzia and the editor of Amazon's Them, Parker jarvie worked together on the others being If We Love 2017 and "Like it's your last" 2020 about a girl wearing a bra holding a glass - Myzia having done nothing else

Callie Hope Herverda's very interesting Baby Jane-type reality spoof called See Plum Run

Patrick Lawrence's short the Solipsist has lovely art. -

Madeline Dimayuga's short Play Pretend 2017 -

Boston international film festival short Namaste 2017

Boston Jane Austen short Mrs. Osbourne 2020 -

The American Driver 2017 -

Philly Short Artist and the Olympian 2012 -

2001's Digging with Earnest -

Letterboxd's Dreamer's Maurice Terrell Walker's films the old school Jurica Road 2020 with Mandalorian's Dominic Pace (,

Organizatziya with MCU's Neil Kodinsky -

Before you can Blink with Undercover Brother 2's Kayla Eva as Sahara Teka

Killing me Slowly with Mindhunter's Blythe Howard, which has a Bond-y/Nikita-femme fatale poster

Alexander Raye Pimentel's Rattle-Can -

Maia Petee's video short At Bay 2019

Short the Crustacean Crisis by Phil Mirabito -,video,short&countries=us&role=nm4212398

Mark Mook was in Bradley Haag's photoshoptastic TV short The 2nd Unit: Threshold (2016) - and Various probably unreleased films -,video&countries=us&role=nm3738673

Horror short Philly Blood Week -

Stranger Things-ish short Mixed Signals 2017 -

Tom Kalin short Home

Nick Lundquist's two shorts have good poster art.

Lundquist's assistant Lydia Farber Jones' short Crumbs with Mixed-Ish's And Iman K. Zahawry and Kristina Perez's Finding Spencer Price

Fangs vs Spurs

Short Bagman Died First

Mark Popejoy's Deciphering 2015 -

Short Joi 2017 -

Lamia the Zombie Slayer 2018 -

TMDB listee Sean Keta's short 2 for Twenty - Keta also did his wife Brenna Shippy's Don't tell mama

Johnnie Brannon's short High Stakes 2015 -

Donn Nottage's various films

Nottage on tmdb -

All on Amazon - Phranque Wright's Promises (2020), clock-faced A Time for Love (2020) and Carl and the Chainsaw (2019) -

Pool Boy short 2020 -

The rel. in Germany Level 26 - Dark Revelations 2011 with Suicide Squad's JenniferHolland - Anastasia Mirabelle's varied shorts. Amazon's Summer of Discontent 2018 -,video,short&countries=&role=nm5264362 Louis Jack's shorts Bipolar and Cheese
Blindness 2017 -

Mean Creek's ErikFauske's short Vengeance for Chloe Darling -

Millstone 2009 -

Raven Heart's Dead Live Stream =

Short 20 Years Later 2012 -

The Paradise Motel (2021)-

Short film Gain (2021) -

Return to Tartaria (2019).

A Debauched Little Rogue (2014) -

Steve Pallota's Lake Evermore 2004 -

michael glover smith's Relative (2021) with Tvvin Peaks' Wendy Robie

Kung fu flick Emma's Revenge with Charles Hubbell -

Regional Delaware actioner Aurora 6333 (if it gets released) -

Wayne Shearer's career proves all kinds of wacky films have been made there in the lastfew years.,video&countries=&role=nm7063482wo folk horrors, the Mockingbird and the Adopted One which I hope turn up on tubi, like the Dark Military or Mount Joy. Mockingbird 2018 -

Shaun Koffinas' Floridian 168 film festival winner short Carve the Flesh 2018 with Irish-headed Dennis Mallen -

Woman's Best Friend short -

Woman's Best Friend short -

Amazon's Music City 2009 -

42 minute action "short" Barlow Grant's Wish, with Roman J. Israel's King Orba, recently in with Laura Dern in a western.

Emergency Landing (2016 - and Cherry's Love Songs weren't meant to make you cry (2020) with Kevin Benton.

Benton's in a lot of unlisted fare.

locket-broken-in-two com dram Road Rage (2016) with Creed 2 actors Zach Beyer and Marcia Myers, 2017's Victims of Circumstance, with tubi's Kristin Gilleia

2017 sorority drama Gods of sui - with Phineas and Ferb's Celia Mari

Possibly unreleased Razor Blade 2020 with Tony Devon -

Dorothy Street's short Abraham's Boys -

Irishfilmcritic 's James McDonald's films

Ageless Love 2021 - by Joshua Coates -

Genteel (2021), a film with music by Kevin Macleod -

The Immigrant (2019) with US soap star Allison Wachtler

Rodney Cherry's Amazon fare Spending Thanksgiving with Morettis - Church Folks Should I Laugh, Cry, Pray or Smack Somebody (2020) Sweet 2019

2010's Steampunk -


Celine Alva's Evils of a Foster Child 2017 -

Alva is on tmdb, but most of her work isn't and looks to be in dev. hell -,video&countries=us&role=nm6084371

See also her costars Daniel Mart,video&countries=&role=nm5184767,nm5184767 and Steven Avi -

Fandemic 2021 -

Raul Colon's low-rent actioners e.g. Gone, Catching Junior Tate, Father and Father with veteran 90s DTV dirctor Art Camacho and the orange and purple vansploiter Playing Mr. McGetty He's on tmdb

Crossing the Line 2020, -

Onprime -

In Dangerous Minds 2016- from the same director, Hussain Ahmad -

Amazon Florida short Perception (2019)

Filmthreat's Greg Lesar's not on TMDB -,video,short&countries=&role=nm2537679

9th Bay 2009

Letterboxd's Ziad H. Hamzeh and Mike Messier made a paedo-horror short, Mortified 2011 with Stephanie Shershow

Acedia ( )

The Turbo Kd gys' friend BRyan Enright's short Cuddlez -

Warning -no Trespassing

Biblical short Judith 2013 -

Stage V with Tuana Allen looks interesting.

Aaron Zomback's Sovereign Blue 2018 with Netflix star Ximena Lamadrid Also, Zomback's the Experience, rev. by UKFilmReview Short Expanded Metal 2016

Passive Fist (2011) - the John Moon story Hunter Hawkins has done a western short Calaveras Creek (2019) - Ryan Godoy's short Behind the Curtain with Modern Family's Cassidy Gatlin (also in short Mystic Xrossing) and king of kong's Andrew Vogt

Viking short Coulda been Norse with Aliens vsAvatars'Cassie Fliegel and Tyler Jeffrey (not theShameless actor)

John Wyn's Playhouse with What's Happenin's Ernest Thomas.

Filmquest's short Know ItAll 2020 -

Mubi fave Mehdi Fard Ghaderi's short Autumn Leaves 2017 -

James Zeiss in Victor! 2019, a Russian/NYC parody short -

Taurice Artis' films -

Tobaccoland: Before 2012

Grim 2021

Award-winning short Clare 2019 with Michael Crowe -

Short Far from the Tree (2017) with TMDb's Andreas Pliatsikas and Mason Henry.

Short Vodka 7 2012 -

Short How to Break Up with Your Girlfriend (2012)

Boston short Dad #1 2016

Short Stuck on Stupid (2011) with Tales of the city's Juan Castano,

Flowers in the Snow 2015 -with Gotti's Peter Gaudio -

Also from Jennifer Dawn

Vimeo's Don't ever Tell -

Amazon's Jennifer Dawn short Heavy Metal (2016 -

Short Jenni 2017 -

Short Dissonance 2018 -

Short Skip 2018 with Hope Jordan, Gravedancers ' Bob McHone and Lellie -

DOCNYC's Vas-y Coupe (2018) -

Doc Generation Freedom 2019 -

Durden Godfrey's I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday (2018) - as rev. byRichard Propes andUK FilmReview -

Xia Orozco's short Killing the Dream 2018 - Short You. Me, Us 2019 with Boardwalk Empire's Chase Coleman

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