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There was quite popular travel series in Czech named "Cestománie" (something like "Travelmania" in English) broadcasted from 1999-2004 on public TV "Česká televize". The series was produced by private company "Febio" and in 2004 was ended after 182 episodes mostly for the financial/personal reasons on the side of broadcaster + because the producer got a more lucrative/longterm contract from a private Czech TV "Nova". On the "Nova" TV the series was broadcasted under new name "Nová cestománie" (something like "New Travelmania" in English) with a new title/credit sequence, but mostly with the same format/crew, and it ended in 2006 after 85 episodes without any more sequels. It is also worth to note, that the last two episodes from "Cestománie" were aired concurrently with the first episodes of "Nová cestománie" and "Česká televize" later introduced its own alternative with a similar format under the name "Na cestě" (something like "On the Road" in English).

To date both broadcasters ("Česká televize" / "Nova") rerun their episodes independently, but the producer claims that the "Nová cestománie" was continuation of "Cestománie" which just moved from one network to another (however it has to be said that it can be just for the personal feelings of producer as he felt to be forced out of "Česká televize").

I can't find any precedent for this situation and as I'm rather new here I want to ask whether here on TMDB should be this show added as a single series (split into multiple seasons) with name "Cestománie" and alternative name "Nová Cestománie" or rather as two standalone TV series. Thank you!

* Official site for "Cestománie" on "Česká televize":
* Official site for "Nová cestománie" on the producer site:
* CSFD (Czech alternative to IMDB) entry for "Cestománie":
* CSFD (Czech alternative to IMDB) entry for "Nová cestománie":

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Here's what the Bible says:

For regular series and miniseries that have sequels, we usually try to mirror the networks. Was it broadcast as the next season or as the first season of a new series? Did the sequel use the same website or have a new one?

But these guidelines might not work well with Cestománie because a) I tried but failed to finding the page for Nová cestománie in the Nová archived website. (Maybe you'll have more luck?) b) If Nová's website is anything like Česká televize, it might not have proper season identifiers.

Based on the info you have given, I think they should probably be two series: independently broadcast on two different network, Febio has two different pages, CSFD also treats them like two series, etc. But maybe try to find the original website/TV listing first just to be safe? :nerd:

Thank you very much!

Unfortunatelly Nova TV usually removes webpages for the ended series, but I'm quite confident that they treated "Nová cestománie" as a new/better show (or at least much better revival) and not as a continuation of the original "Cestománie" (thus the adjective "Nová" / "New") just for them being number one on Czech TV market who was always defining themselves as a much better alternative to the public TV Česká televize. Only fact that was perplexing me was that the producer Febio claimed "Nová cestománie" to be sequel to the original "Cestománie".

I meant the Wayback Machine archives:*/

But yeah, pretty much everything point to them being two series. So I say go for it. :smile_cat:


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