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I've noticed that this is missing, which seems strange but I assume that the idea is for people to use "music". Not something I agree with, but something I can live with. However I went to add the genre to La La Land and found that it was locked against any additions, suggesting this has been an issue in the past. So what's the deal? Does this site have something against musicals?

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Hi, the recommendation is to use the keyword musical for this purpose. Using the "music" genre for musicals is incorrect.

So what exactly should be in the "music" genre? How would you define it (what general rule would you have)?

Concerts? Singing/dancing reality competition? Anything else?

I would say anything that is about Music, where music is a key element/theme!. (example, that might or might not also be musical; Sister Act, Pitch Perfect, Bohemian Rhapsody, High School Musical). Not just a film where characters randomly burst out singing for no reason -> Musical (any disney film basically, but also The Greatest Showman, Mamma Mia, Walking on Sunshine etc) (I just checked those and the last two [mamma mia sequel, not the first one tho) recently had Music (re-)added again ... I locked the genres _)

But yeah, also concerts, and talent shows like Idols!


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