Suporte do The Movie Database

Hi guys! Working now on ReactJS web app powered by TMDB API. Getting a hard time putting data to state of component:

  state = {
    details: {}

  componentWillMount() {

  getDetails() {
    const config = {
    apiUrl: {
      movie: ``,
    apiKey: '',
    language: 'en-US'
    axios.get(`${}/${}`, {
      params: {
        api_key: config.apiKey,
        language: config.language
      .then( response => {

And actually I am getting response from API, but problem that my state is not updating. Anyone who could help me with it?

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Hi @komronj :wave_tone2:

Unless someone familiar with React sees your post, you probably won't get much help here. You might be better off asking your question at somewhere like Stack Overflow.

I have never used React so I won't be of any help.