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For the film, Mazes & Monsters, when you view the film details or edit the page, you have this:

anti-D&D fearmongering

In the API results though, you get this:

anti-D&D fearmongering.

Is this intended?

Within a JSON response, I wouldn't have thought that it would be required.

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Is it just bad data where someone has cut'n pasted something and thus gained them?

Or was it an issue with the interface of the site at one point? As there does seem to be & without the trailing amp;

Probably just weird data that was copy and pasted in, ya. I just re-saved the overview and it automatically replaced the character properly. You'll see it updated on the API in a few hours.

Oh and P.S. the last time the English overview was edited looks to be pre-2012 (that's when the updated change log system was deployed.) So who's to say what exactly happened > 6 years ago. :wink:

Just so you know, there are more than 1400 occurrences of this in within Biography for people. Most of which come from Wikipedia.