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Hello, I wanted to know if you risked changing the names of categories of films and series, or if it is certain that they would not change and that we can rely on

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No plans at this time, although it is technically possible. There's been a lot of discussion from some users wanting to tweak our genres that you can read about here. The main reason the work has never been started (even though that post is over 5 years old) is because I don't feel like dealing with all the issues that will crop up. Of which there will be plenty.

I don't actually know if it will ever happen to be honest. It's a massive job that affects every single consumer of our data and it's just not a high priority for me at this time.

So, short version, yes the genres could change but probably won't. The best place to stay up to date with any project like this would be our blog. For something like this, we'd be looking at a minimum of a 6 month notice period.

thank you for your answere!