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This morning I added a TV show, Middle Men, a mini-series of 4 movies released and screened between 2007 and 2014. I only got so far as the first two episodes after adding the show and most of its info as well as the network that released it (Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta, or FAVA), before heading out to do errands for a few hours. I've just returned to see that all of my entries have been deleted. I didn't get a message; the only way I suspect it has been deleted is that I can't find the entry any more. I assume another user deleted it because the Release Information section was not yet filled out.

Please un-delete all of the entries so that I can continue filling it out. If some sort of proof of screening is required, here are some links (note that I only research the first screenings to accurately record release dates, which may not represent the entry's most prestigious screening or release platform):

Official website is accessible only via waybackmachine:*/

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Sorry, but we can't un-delete entries. My guess is it was removed because of our amateur content guidelines.