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I'm trying to add a new short, Still Water Runs Deep ( However, the system is flagging it as suspected TV content, so I can't create the entry. How do I fix this?

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We recently started blocking TV content that kept getting added as movies.

How are you trying to add it? what are you filling in where, maybe there's something that triggered it.

// EDIT: I just reproduced the error:

Checking the title...

 Suspected TV Content
The validation failed because:

is invalid

Then when I click next, I see the same screen for a split second but instead of "title" it says "overview language", and then it just proceed to the additional details step. Then, when I think I can create it, it says:

Verify & Save

 There Were Some Validation Errors
This movie has some validation errors and needs to be fixed before you can make any edits. The validation failed because:

is invalid
For more information about how to fix this, please visit this page.


I totally forgot about this issue, and didn't link to it in the mod section at first, but now I did. Let's hope Travis can fix this!

Yes, I see you could add it today! Great! Wonder what caused it...

// EDIT: Seems like it's the overview.. the imdb copy pasta one is fine, but the official is not:

Within a small Nigerian family, the father is the patriarch and protector of his flock. Still Water Runs Deep tells the intimate story of a man whose concealed emotions begin to stir when faced with the portent of a missing son.