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Hi, I really like the TMDB API in many things but I have something that I just can't get it done and I need help.

I need a method that can recommend movies based on the user ratings and favorites so it will be like Spotify and Netflix recommendations. If this is way out of the scoop right now so can we make the "Get Recommendations" method accept more than one {movieId} so I can send to it may be the 12 ids the user liked and it will recommend movies based on all these ids.

If there is another way that I can recommend movies to the user based on his ratings and/or favorites you can share it with me.

Thanks, Moayad Fouad

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Hi Moayad,

There's no public API for this but technically it does exist under the hood, that's exactly how we provide our own recommendations.

I'm not sure about releasing this publicly or not, but it's not a terrible idea either. I'll have to give it some thought. In the meantime, should you decide to use TMDb's account features, we do provide recommendation API's in v4.