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I have come across multiple crew and cast entries in the database that I am not receiving in search results. I am having trouble adding crew and cast member to certain titles because of this and am slightly irritated about it because it has led me to accidentally creating duplicates for these people. When attempting to add in the edit features for titles, I am netted no results. Same goes for website searches. The only way I am able to find the already established database entries is when I stumble across a show or movie that already has them added. The only ones that are netted to me in search are the duplicates I clumsily created as a result of not being able to find them. I hope it's not just me.


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For both examples you give, it appears their profiles are marked as "Adult: True". As it says in the Contribution Bible,

"Actors and actresses are automatically marked as adult when more than 10% of movie credits are set as "adult". Unless you have your account "Include Adult Items in Search?" setting enabled, they will not appear in search."

Sometimes this accidentally happens when people mistakenly mark films as adult; one would need to go through all of their credits and make sure the adult field is correctly set to true or not.

That did turn out to be the issue. I was unaware of the fact that it was a feature on this website. Thanks.