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Small issue, but I've noticed that in the drop down menu when editing Production Countries, both Republic of the Congo and Democratic Republic of the Congo are simply listed as "Congo".

Could these be altered to Congo-Brazzaville and Congo-Kinshasa respectively, as they appear in the Release Country drop down menu Or anything else, as long as it help us discern which one is which tbh


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I've just been changing some of this around, so I can definitely make changes where necessary... I am not clear on the page you're talking about though... where are you seeing them both being listed as "Congo"?

Hi Travis :)

I was editing Sambizanga (1972) and wanted to add RoC as a production country but when typing Congo into the search bar, 2 results came up in the drop down menu both just "Congo". (i clicked the first one which turned out to be DRC so I went back to edit again and changed it for the second one)

BUT nvm, as I just checked out Sambizanga's Production Info page again and now they come up as Congo - Brazzaville and Congo - Kinshasa :ok_hand: all good

Happy to hear! It should be changed in all of movie/TV edit areas. If you see it not showing correctly again, let me know the page and I'll check it out.