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How to become moderator? is there any criteria?

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Making Good contributions and reports is a big help :)

Thank you for the reply. Will I be considered to be MOD.

Just looking at the first couple of pages of your activity I see that most of your edits are good :thumbsup_tone3:, but there are a few problems.

Adding Indian language trailers to the English translation:

Adding titles as taglines:

Watch the image quality. Images like the ones linked below are of too low quality. If you can't find anything better, sometimes you can upload the image at the smallest size allowed (500x750 for posters), but even at that size I believe the images aren't good enough.

And don't stretch images, instead crop them to get the correct aspect ratio. One of the above images has been stretched.

For overviews, you are including (actor name) and technical info, these should be left out of the overviews. And overviews should be short and concise.

Adding duplicates happens, but when you create or find a duplicate, please report it. In this movie, you created a duplicate "GVKM ELEPHANT PICTURES SDN BHD" company. Instead of creating a second company with correct capitalization, you could have edited the first one you created. I've deleted the duplicate.

Knowing these things, it would be great if you could fix your mistakes.

You should read and be familiar with the Contribution Bible (you'll find a link to it in the footer of most every page and also in the section header of the edit pages).

Thank you for your feedback. I will trace back my updated to correct it again. I have batter understanding now.


@davamuga Make sure you check out the image section of the bible. Images should look natural and I've noticed that you seem to be changing the levels for some profile images. A few were also upscaled. Adding a different crop for a profile image is fine, but you need to make sure the end result has the quality we want.

Noted. Will learn from mistake and make progress.

@davamuga said:

Noted. Will learn from mistake and make progress.

Good progress on uploading high quality images however, please refrain from uploading stills from movies as profile images.

Excerpt from contribution bible.

The pictures should not be in character.

Noted mate. Cheers..

How do we do it for twins? I believe it should be individual profile to create?

Yes. Seperate profiles indeed.

@Paszt Any feedback? How is my progress on updating? :relaxed: Is there any improvement needed?


Please note that several of your uploaded images are still in bad quality and as explained earlier, please do not upload low resolution images. Below are the examples:

I have deleted these two posters earlier however, you have re-uploaded.