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Using GET /tv/{tv_id}/credits for Westworld season 1 episode 3 I am getting nulls for all 'id' in the cast array. The definition for the object says id for cast should return' integer', not 'integer or null'.

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same problem

Also with show ID 62264 in season one:

  "crew": [
      "credit_id": "551ff0129251415c7a0018f0",
      "department": "Production",
      "gender": 1,
      "id": null,
      "job": "Casting",
      "name": "Lauren Grey",
      "profile_path": null
      "credit_id": "551ff0529251415c87001939",
      "department": "Directing",
      "gender": 2,
      "id": null,
      "job": "Director",
      "name": "Sam Raimi",
      "profile_path": "/uEAaCUJzyMI8N5mOVyLtaOPKoEf.jpg"
  "id": 65657

On a related note. What does the "optional" bit mean, in the API documentation. If nullables are specified as " .. or null".. I don't get the "optional" bit.?


Hey guys,

I'll take a look at this and see why the id is not being returned properly.

@LordMike Well, technically the field isn't optional... it's just the default state of fields when you create the mocked response. In TMDb's case, if a field is showing up in the schema, it's "required". Where by "required" simply means always included.

Can you let me know if you see anymore of these?

Works now for me with the tv show I had issues. Thx.

Hi @horse315,

Both of those series have been fixed. You might not see the changes until the cached items expire (within 8 hours).

Let me know if you see any more.

If have a very similar problem (null id's for cast persons) with this one:

@betamagic Fixed (you might have to wait for the cache to expire.)

Thanks a lot, it's already live!

This issue re-appears a lot, if I look at the recent crash reports of Movie Explorer. Unfortunately, the reports don't include details about the show and season. One user contacted me, which resulted in this example:

@betamagic Spartacus will be fixed when the cache expires.

This bug only affects the series that were edited during a ~72 hour window in early April. Given the slowdown of reports (first one today in basically a month) I imagine we're close to getting them all.

If you see anymore let me know.

I just checked all comments of the 70 related crashlogs. One user detected, apparently after some trial-and-error, TV show 'Six Feet Under' as a problematic source.

Thanks, I just cleared Six Feet Under.