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I would like to be able to use swagger-client to create a moviedb node client. It kinda works:

const Swagger = require('swagger-client');
mdbClient = new Swagger({
      url: '',
      usePromise: true,
      authorizations: {
        api_key: new Swagger.ApiKeyAuthorization('api_key', config.movieDbKey, 'query'),
      .then(client => {
        return client.apis.default.GET_tv_tv_id({ tv_id: mdbShowId, append_to_response: 'videos' })
      .then(result => {
        return result.obj

which does return the show object. The problem is that it doesn't return the videos, which you'd expect from the append_to_response argument.

When I look at the OAS doc at

"/tv/{tv_id}": {
        "parameters": [
                "name": "tv_id",
                "in": "path",
                "required": true,
                "type": "integer"

but when I look at the api docs on the site, the append_to_reponse argument is defined.

So why is whatever swagger docs are generating the onsite api different from what we get at:

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Hi @moviebuff2022, I'm not sure. Our docs are generated by Stoplight and I don't have much knowledge about any of the particular things around how the params and docs connect up in the OAS file. I just enter data in their UI :wink:

I'll send them a support ticket tomorrow and see what they say. In the docs editor you can see here how the two sections are split. :shrug_tone2:

Hi Travis,

Yeah, the docs on the site are definitely correct, what I don't understand is why is different. It just doesn't have the append_to_reponse parameter (or language for that matter) defined.

Thanks for the speedy response. Let's see what they say.

@travisbell I think you need to update the URL of the oas.json. Seems like it contains version string.

Hi @shantmarouti Thanks for stopping by. As I mentioned above, I don’t generate or control any of that. It’s all controlled by Stoplight.

Unfortunately, Stoplight isn’t supporting the version of the docs we’re using so it’s not likely to get fixed until I spend time upgrading to their new platform.


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