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I am using Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 through my ooRexx program using OLE to retrieve movie information. Everything is working up until I navigate to the TMDB web site. A valid JSON response is returned but, before Internet Explorer gives control back to my ooRexx program, it thinks the response is to be downloaded because Internet Explorer prompts me to save or open the JSON file. I can't figure out how to get Internet Explorer to pass the JSON file back to my ooRexx program.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Can anybody help?

Hi @oorexxpert,

You will probably do better to contact whatever app you are using for support. I have never heard of ooRexx or OLE, so I'm afraid I won't be any help.

Alternatively, for help with specific languages I usually suggest posting on something like Stack Overflow. That is a better site for such issues.