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When trying to iterate over all the changes for persons from the last 2 weeks (i.e. calling person/changes API) I get errors at random pages. Sometimes an actual person result is retrieved, and sometimes I receive HTTP 404 for an intermediate page. When I retry the page several times it eventually succeeds but it seems very buggy.

Are you aware of this?

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Hi Saar,

I have not ever heard from anyone else about this, no.

Can you give me a debugged example request that is throwing a 404 when it shouldn't? Something like a cURL request (-v so I can see the headers and everything) as an example.

Hi Travis,

Can you please clarify what's the expected date format in this API? I may be misusing it. I could not find any formal definitions in the API docs that formalize that.

If I can reproduce the issue with the correct date format i'll provide all the info you've requested.