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For some reason there are some discrepancies between the site and the API, for instance cast for Star Trek: Discovery (2017) doesn't have Sonequa Martin-Green in API on first position but she is on first position on the page Is it because of delay in data update or just because cast sorting in API isn't exactly the same as on the site?

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The order is the same in API and Site.
I suppose it's a delay.
I think this update is done 4 times a day.
Therefore it can take up to 6 hours.
A moderator can confirm.

Well, I'm monitoring it for at least 2-3 days and the order is different. And this isn't the only show, I think the same situation with and may be a few more.

Notice that for a call to the /tv/{tv_id}/credits method, the returned cast objects won't necessarily be in the correct order in the array, but instead have a zero based order property that you can use to sort and obtain the correct order. I've just checked and the API is currently returning the same order as shown on the website.

Ah I see! I didn't notice it. Thank you for your help Elizabeth and sorry for confusion.