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Some compressed images have inverted colours for some reason:

This is the first case I've come across it so it may be isolated.

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All done.

Another one:

Which image? I don't see one on that page...

@travisbell wrote:

Which image? I don't see one on that page...

I think @banana_girl is referring to the smaller image of the person Matthijs van Nieuwkerk on this page: screenshot

I can also spot the same mistake on pages like this one or this one etc. in the tiny small version of this image. :eyes:

Ok, I'll clear that one. It isn't showing up like that for me :wink:

Edit: Done.

Another (see Andrzej Seweryn's image):

@Pierreism said:

Another (see Andrzej Seweryn's image):

Good catch! The people profile I reported is now okay, but this one and the smaller one are not.



Hi, the top poster here needs fixing. :octopus: I noticed it first when viewing this person profile. Full size poster is fine though.

@lineker @ticao2 Those two should be cleared.

Should be done. :thumbsup_tone2: